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Hijri Calendar
Jamadi-us-Saani 10,1436 AH

Fajar: 5.10 am
Zohar: 12.30 pm
Asar: 4.41 pm
Maghrib: 6.34 pm
Isha: 7.42 pm
Sunset today 6.29 pm
sunrise tomorrow 6.11 am
Moonrise tomorrow 3.18 pm
Moonset today 3.22 am

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31st Mar, 2015
A study suggests that chocolate can be a weight loss accelerator
With a rise in erratic and sedentary lifestyle, stress and unhealthy eating practices, people are becoming even more vulnerable to heart diseases,
30th Mar, 2015
Lunch is primarily responsible for the higher essential nutrient intakes of vitamin D
Stress results in higher levels of insulin and less fat oxidation; Photo courtesy: Visual photos
27th Mar, 2015
High-fat diets impair brain health thus disrupting gastrointestinal processes
Picture for representational purpose only.
26th Mar, 2015
Are you drinking too much?
Representational image. (Photo: visualphotos.com)
25th Mar, 2015
Cocoa undergoes several steps before it takes shape as a candy bar
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24th Mar, 2015
Good news, rice lovers, your favorite grain is about to get a whole lot healthier
Picture Courtesy: Twitter
23rd Mar, 2015
It was named New Whisky of the year in The Whisky Bible in 2012
23rd Mar, 2015
The bars will use cricket flour or crickets ground into a fine powder




Australian wicketkeeper Brad Haddin revealed that all-rounder James Faulkner (in picture) took off his clothes while celebrating the World Cup triumph. (Photo: AP)
Aussie wicketkeeper Brad Haddin reveals incidents from all-nighter
France's BEA carries out civil crash investigations focusing solely identifying safety measures that would prevent future accidents. (Photo: AFP)
Co pilot locked captain out of the cockpit and slamed it into remote mountainside
(Representational Image)
This move may help bringing down the cost of fuel and help save subsidy