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The findings shed a light on the role of the DLPFC in food cravings (specifically reward anticipation). (Photo:
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Young women experience increased cravings for high-calorie snacks
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A special lot of handcrafted tea from the 155-year-old Makaibari Tea Estate in Kurseong sold recently for $1,850
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The beneficial substances comprised of broccoli-derived sulforaphane
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Burger maniacs, rejoice there is a new burger on the menu



A Pakistani health worker marks an infant after immunisation with anti-polio drops an infant in a Christian colony situated in the slums of Islamabad (Photo: AP)
In 2014 alone, Pakistan's total number of polio cases has reached 160
The free update is available to owners of iPhone and iPad models going back to 2011
Devices, apps act like one under the new operating system