Saturday, Oct 25, 2014 | Last Update : 02:12 PM IST

Hijri Calendar
Zilhaj 29,1435 AH

Fajar: 5.11 am
Zohar: 12.10 pm
Asar: 4.12 pm
Maghrib: 5.54 pm
Isha: 7.02 pm
Sunset today 5.48 pm
sunrise tomorrow 6.12 am
Moonrise tomorrow 7.15 am
Moonset today 7 pm

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Priyanka Chopra was spotted on the sets of 'Bajirao Mastani' wearing a red Maharashtrian sari. Photo: Twitter
The actress was spotted on the film set wearing a red Maharashtrian sari
The Punggye-ri nuclear test facility in North Korea. (Photo: AFP)
North Korea has been constantly struggling to assemble a functioning missile
"Gandhi had said sanitation was more important than independence. But for Gandhi, cleanliness of body and mind was equally important, which meant that ridding the heart of hatred and violence was also important," Tharoor said when asked whether his
‘You can call it by any name but what is important is to keep the country clean’