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Latest Movie Review

A still from the film 'Velai Illa Pattadhari'.
19th Jul, 2014
Dhanush has chosen a befitting script for his 25th milestone film
There are two things for which I would recommend Hate Story 2: the naughty politics of the iconography around Mandar Mahatre thrilled me, as did Shushant Singh
18th Jul, 2014
Wronged woman is out to destroy a powerful man who ruined her life & left her for dead
'Oka Criminal Prema Katha’
18th Jul, 2014
Though the actors’ performances are good, the film does not offer any message to the audience
'Pizza 3D'
18th Jul, 2014
All of Pizza’s scary stuff is spiked with humour, and it's easy on special effects
18th Jul, 2014
Go for it if the power cut at home is driving you nuts
A still from 'Begin Again'
17th Jul, 2014
For a film like Begin Again, the music will always be the real hero
Amit Sahni Ki List
17th Jul, 2014
Director Ajay Bhuyan’s confidence oozes out of the film and it’s hard to believe he’s a first timer
A still from 'Sachin! Tendulkar Alla'
16th Jul, 2014
Sachin should be watched for its values and message it tries to give



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