Daily Astroguide

Tuesday, 2017
Sri Vijaya:
Pushya Bahula Panchami till 11.42 am
Uttara till 12.39 am (Wednesday)
6.56 am to 8.37 am
9.06 am to 9.50 am; 11.08 pm to 12 midnight
3 pm to 4.30 pm
Sunset today:
6:50 PM
Sunrise Tomorrow:
6:02 AM

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 20)

You might need to push your kids to achieve their goals. A few of you could be busy attending parties today. Colleagues will help you at work. Also, take good care of your health.
#Aries Weekly Prediction

Taurus (Apr 21 - May 20)

You may have a point of view regarding a certain situation at home or at work, but don’t force your opinions on others. Think twice before speaking.
#Taurus Weekly Prediction

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 21)

Don’t get into arguments, let facts speak for themselves and then leave it to others to make up their minds. Stress could take a toll on your health.
#Gemini Weekly Prediction

Cancer (Jun 22 - Jul 22)

There may be minor disagreements at home. Work will take up most of your time and you won't be able to pay attention to your private life. It is not a good time to change your job.
#Cancer Weekly Prediction

Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 23)

You will need to make an effort to keep your partner happy. Avoid wasting time on useless activities. Colleagues will help you in completing pending work. Financially, it’s a good day.
#Leo Weekly Prediction

Virgo (Aug 24 - Sep 23)

Some of you may feel nostalgic today. Also, you might want to make amends with a relative. If you want to succeed you will have to work hard. Keep a check on your expenses or you could end up spending more than required.
#Virgo Weekly Prediction

Libra (Sep 24 - Oct 23)

You need to understand that sometimes a little bit of compromise is required for a happy relationship. Be polite to everyone you meet. Work on your flaws and things will get better.
#Libra Weekly Prediction

Scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 22)

You could encounter problems while raising capital for a new project. Keep a check on your emotions. Don’t lose your temper today.
#Scorpio Weekly Prediction

Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21)

Stick to your goals and work hard to reach them. By ignoring an unjust situation you are not being fair, stand up against injustice.
#Sagittarius Weekly Prediction

Capricon (Dec 22 - Jan 21)

You could feel very tired due to work, so take a break. Don’t take failure to heart. Also, don’t get bogged down by work, spend time with family.
#Capricon Weekly Prediction

Aquarius (Jan 22 - Feb 19)

Whether you are dealing with your personal or professional life, this is a great time to face a complex situation. Take on the toughest tasks now because you will be able to resolve it.
#Aquarius Weekly Prediction

Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20)

If you have been struggling with weight issues in the past, you will finally get a hold on it. On the professional front, you are likely to achieve all your targets. Also, this is a good time to learn something new.
#Pisces Weekly Prediction