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Hijri Calendar
Zilhaj 29,1435 AH

Fajar: 5.11 am
Zohar: 12.10 pm
Asar: 4.12 pm
Maghrib: 5.54 pm
Isha: 7.02 pm
Sunset today 5.48 pm
sunrise tomorrow 6.12 am
Moonrise tomorrow 7.15 am
Moonset today 7 pm

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24th Oct, 2014
18 percent men revealed they cheated
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24th Oct, 2014
Communication and compromise can be the key to a happy marriage
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24th Oct, 2014
The findings suggest that the period after sex is a critical time
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23rd Oct, 2014
These findings identify how chronic stressors can lead to obesity
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23rd Oct, 2014
10 facts that will change your idea about sex
Cleaning of physical space is important, but so is cleaning of inner self, removal of negative energy stored in the form of feelings, thoughts and habits.
23rd Oct, 2014
Our inner self gets cleansed when we practice good deeds and self-introspection
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22nd Oct, 2014
It found that 68 percent of couples "always" have sex on their anniversary
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21st Oct, 2014
The discovery of such ancient copulation means that sex with internal fertilisation



A fully air-conditioned mobile van with advanced facilities has come to the city to sterilise and treat injured mongrels. (Photo: DC/File)
A fully air conditioned hi-tech truck to sterilise stray dogs
Former Union minister and Rajya Sabha MP Jairam Ramesh delivering public lecture on climate change in Chennai on Friday. 	— DC
India must rethink its strategy on renewable sources of energy said Jairam Ramesh
Picture for representational purpose.
No explosives were found in the bag