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23rd Oct, 2014
10 facts that will change your idea about sex
Cleaning of physical space is important, but so is cleaning of inner self, removal of negative energy stored in the form of feelings, thoughts and habits.
23rd Oct, 2014
Our inner self gets cleansed when we practice good deeds and self-introspection
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22nd Oct, 2014
It found that 68 percent of couples "always" have sex on their anniversary
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21st Oct, 2014
The discovery of such ancient copulation means that sex with internal fertilisation
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20th Oct, 2014
The research also highlights an oft-overlooked issue in sexual research
A still from the video.
20th Oct, 2014
A hilarious take on what men face everyday
Photo used for representational purposes. (Photo: DC/File)
19th Oct, 2014
15 percent of men revealed that their partners had limited their freedom
A still from Girl In Progress
18th Oct, 2014
Crushes may seem like a thing of the teens



Taylor Swift (Photo: AP)
The singer says she is surrounded by security 24/7
Rajapaksa said he was disturbed by the increasing number of terrorist attacks taking place in many countries, the latest one being in Canada. Photo: AFP/ File
Sri Lankan President asked countries to unite as equal partners to fight terrorism
Asia FX sentiment improves as Fed rate hike views ease