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29th Jul, 2014
Book peeking into Brahmin households and tackling the notions of ‘identity’ in Madras city
"The judges also wrote that the apartment won the award because the designs had an international flair to it.” - Ameet (Designer)
29th Jul, 2014
Ameet is one of the most sought-after interior designers in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
The ‘pay-by-sms’ idea behind the website ( is a first-of-its-kind
29th Jul, 2014
Hyderabadis have found a way to help Indian short filmmakers make money
We did It: The winning team, from left, (front row) Gautham Anirudh, Sriram Adittya, Soumeet Lanka, (back row) Avinash Matta (in black), Prasad Kalepalli, Rao Gaaru Kasarelli and Ankur Jha
28th Jul, 2014
The Conspiracy, winner of Hyderabad’s 48 Hour Film Project, could make it to Cannes
Talent House: Participating students from the University of Hyderabad strike a pose
28th Jul, 2014
Graduating students put up an awe-inspiring exhibition at the Salar Jung Museum
Photo: Belal Khaled
28th Jul, 2014
As the world is getting in terms with the growing civilian toll in Gaza, one Palestinian artist found a peaceful way of showing resistance through powerful sketches. He reworked the images with
Convincing: Actors Maneesh and Neha Tripathi on the stage. (Photo: DC)
27th Jul, 2014
How a play managed to hold the attention of its audiences despite heavy rains
Interpretive: City artist Rajeshwara Rao’s Half Brother. (Photo: DC)
27th Jul, 2014
An art show attempts to connect people through a different language




Visuals of the spot. (Photo: ANI Twitter)
2 to 3 houses completely washed away: TV reports
Oil prices is down by 29 cents at $106.22 a barrel
Oil prices is down by 29 cents at $106.22 a barrel