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Hijri Calendar
Zilhaj 29,1435 AH

Fajar: 5.11 am
Zohar: 12.10 pm
Asar: 4.12 pm
Maghrib: 5.54 pm
Isha: 7.02 pm
Sunset today 5.48 pm
sunrise tomorrow 6.12 am
Moonrise tomorrow 7.15 am
Moonset today 7 pm

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Microsoft will now start selling Lumia smartphones as ‘Microsoft Lumia’
25th Oct, 2014
It will now start selling Lumia smartphones as ‘Microsoft Lumia’
24th Oct, 2014
The company will exit the glass-making business and try to sell the furnaces
24th Oct, 2014
California’s minimum wages are $8 per hour (Approx Rs 480)
Referred to by many as Windows 9, the next major release of Microsoft's operating system could simply be called 'Windows'
24th Oct, 2014
The revenue of Microsoft increased by 10 per cent
24th Oct, 2014
Amazon shares are down by 10.4 per cent to $280.49
23rd Oct, 2014
World's second-biggest retailer behind Walmart, announced his resignation
Representational picture
23rd Oct, 2014
The state mines department has moved a file clearing ten mining leases
Representative picture. Photo courtesy- PTI
23rd Oct, 2014
Cleaning up India's grubby business climate is top of the agenda



Moutasim Billa (Photo: DC)
Several terrorist sleeper cells have been reactivated in Telangana
Moutasim Billah speaking to the press at his home in Hyderabad on Friday (Photo: Deccan Chronicle)
Moutasim said the police were fabricating stories against him
The NIA and the Telangana state police have denied any link of bank robberies to the Burdwan blast case at this point of time.
Four SIMI activists who escaped from jail are suspected to be involved in the heists