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Pawan Kalyan is married to Russian Anna Lezhneva

DC | U. Sudhakar Reddy | December 30, 2013, 13.12 pm IST
Third time’s a charm: Pawan and Anna have been in a relationship for the past two years
Third time’s a charm: Pawan and Anna have been in a relationship for the past two years

The year’s biggest Tollywood wedding was witnessed by just a handful. Deccan Chronicle can confirm that Tollywood star Pawan Kalyan is now married to long-time partner Anna Lezhneva.

The union was solemnised at a sub-registrar’s office at Erragadda (formerly the Banjara Hills sub-registrar office), which issued a marriage certificate on September 30, of Konidela Pawan Kalyan marrying Anna.

This is Pawan’s third marriage. The actor first married Nandini in 1997. He later wed Tollywood actress and co-star Renu Desai in 2009, but that marriage, too, fell apart.

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Sources claim, he has been in a relationship with Anna and the two finally made it official on September 30, this year.

Hyderabad South joint sub-registrar M.Z. Basith Siddiqui said this to DC:


“On August 30, the couple approached me with an intention of marriage. I took their application and put up a notice, with their passport photographs displayed on the notice board, seeking objections and complaints (part of procedure). In the 30 days, there were no complaints or objections... so, I issued them a marriage certificate on September 30 after solemnising the marriage.”

Pawan Kalyan and Anna Lezhneva paid Rs 1,000 as marriage fee.

Siddiqui added: “The marriage is under Special Marriage Act 1954 as it is an inter-caste marriage. There is no case of conversion here. I issued the notice, under Section 13 of the Special Marriage Act and later, solemnised it. Pawan and Anna exchanged garlands in my office in the presence of three witnesses and took oath. I had also checked whether they were there willfully, or under influence. Both were willing and in a sound state of mind.”

The official also said there were no objections from Pawan’s second wife Renu Desai.

“During the one-month notice, she didn’t raise any objections.” The three witnesses, named on the form, are all former managers of Pawan Kalyan.

They are Mohammed Abdul, son of Mohammed Abdul Hafeez a resident of Swarajnagar, N. Srinivas, son of N.V.R. Naidu, a resident of Mahalaxmi Estates a businessman, and B. Anandam, son of B. Chelan, a resident of Park View Castle, an art director.

Pawan’s exes

This is not the first time that Pawan Kalyan’s personal life has made headlines. The actor has been notoriously secret about his relationships but, over time... details did leak out.

  • The actor first married Nandini, a native of Vizag in 1997, but separated from her, after two years of their marriage.
  • The actor then married model Renu Desai in 2009. Desai was his female lead in the film Badri (2009) and Johnny (2003). They have a son, Akira  Nandan (born 2004) and a daughter, Aadhya (born 2010).
  • But in 2008, Pawan’s ex-wife Nandini surfaced again to file a case against the actor. She claimed that he had married the second time without a proper divorce.


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urstrulytom's picture
by urstrulytom (not verified) on
Some websites are comparing PK with JD Laxmi Narayana Garu. Please don't compare this womanizer with respectable JD sir.
Vineel's picture
by Vineel (not verified) on
A big LOL to you...! How do you come to a conclusion as Womanizer as if you are the judge for such particular situation... try to think broad manner.
Common'sense' man's picture
by Common'sense' man (not verified) on
A marriage certificate with the Bridegroom spelled as 'BRIDGROOM'; and used Pawan Kalyan's screen name in the certificate with a mis-spelled surname. How funny!!??!! And people like you believing this and commenting on this. Use some Common'sense' brother!!! :)
Jobless fellow get lost's picture
by Jobless fellow ... (not verified) on
It is quite amusing to watch neanderthals like you assassinating the characters of other people without knowing what happened. If Pawan married a third wife or a 10th, what is it to you? Delve into your own home first.
Hyderbadi's picture
by Hyderbadi (not verified) on
If this is real this is going to damage his future cinema and political career drastically. If it is fake then he better clear up this misunderstanding as fast as possible. First of all 2nd marriage in Tollywood is a big taboo and whoever ended up in divorce usually lost most of their celebrity glamour. One very well known actor who lost that glamor is actor Kamal Hassan. He use to be one of the top actors in both Telugu and Tamil but after all his flings he lost nearly all that glamor but Pawan Kalyan on the other made it out without affecting career even with all the slander from the opposition not because of Pawan Kalyan but because of his wife Renu Desai who impressed all with her homely house wife nature and her fluency in the Telugu language.
Pawan Kayan's picture
by Pawan Kayan (not verified) on
You sound like a closed-minded religious Moron
jay prakash's picture
by jay prakash (not verified) on
Kamal Hasan is one of the legends of film industry and pls do not link their personal life with profession. We respect these only for their acting, even if he does 3 or even 5 marriages, that is none of our business until or unless he cheats somebody and if both he and his previous do not have any objection in his marriage and ready to divide, we cannot link this with their profession, since even we do not know what are their personal issues and this is completely unprofessional to enter into some others personal life, thanking you.
Raj Chaturvedi's picture
by Raj Chaturvedi (not verified) on
Pawan Kalyan is a comedian LOL. Why did he get married to a Russian who doesn't understands Telugu? he made a mistake before, and looks like this will be his second mistake. Or maybe he wants all fans to follow him and marry Russian girls, Guess all the future generations of Telugu people will have Fair Skin and Blonde hair....Good going Pawan.....keep it up.
reddy525's picture
by reddy525 (not verified) on
As a big fan of pawan kalyan! i will respect his personal life and his privacy. i don't know why the people will get this much reluctance with one's private life. he is married officially. what is wrong with that.? why this media doing this nasty shows for their TRPs.
NRI pawanism's picture
by NRI pawanism (not verified) on
Pawan kalyan ,always says he wanna do something for the society . he is such a great person who became role model for the men and the society marrying regional,national and international ladies. You are the man who says so many things good and doing things opposite what you mean. In one function he said he dont know the meaning of PAWANISM and satarically said "helping others". But pawan kalyan is right Helping others by hurting so many . This is true pawanism
Gautham Devara's picture
by Gautham Devara (not verified) on
He's graduated from acting in Teenmaar to marrying.....Teen baar :-)
Dillon's picture
by Dillon (not verified) on
He looks like a drug addict.....
rakalyan's picture
by rakalyan (not verified) on
HE is not a good role model for the audiences who got a good belief in P.K
by THOTA SAI NAIDU (not verified) on
He has right to marriage .India is a democratic country .Pawan Kalayan always loves & belive :LORD KIRSHNA .
kirrakk's picture
by kirrakk (not verified) on
but aamir khan who married thrice is the super star of indian cinema ppl should grow up from their narrow minded-ness and let actors have their personal life of their choice..cheers
Jai bharati sub baharati's picture
by Jai bharati sub... (not verified) on
Russian has no face NO looks no personality. no class next to India ladie. His foulest two wives are courts rate. Russian put Jiin jadoo on this dummy All they want is to take over India. These hideous plastic surgeries witches of the firangi nations need face hair and body suffered. Their poplulayion hasnobewal beauty but best plattc surgeries. Extreme and done well no thanks witches
vijay saradhi's picture
by vijay saradhi (not verified) on
being a big celebrity,one has to be role model for the audience.but P.K doing such mistakes automatically lost hope from audience and fans..and people and fans need clarity on this.
WTF's picture
by WTF (not verified) on
Hey... guys who have something to say about PK's so-called 3rd marriage. First, he can marry any number of times. Second, he did not commit a crime. Third, he did not marry your mother!!! So, why don't you shut up and mind your own business of cleaning latrines.
BY GIRL 's picture
by BY GIRL (not verified) on
HE HAD NOT A SENCE OF HUMAR iam a big fan of he but this time he is a big enime to me. how cuold he do this type of marriage he is a frad& a woman killar its not better to him. so no body can support him why r so many people supporting him they also mad & crual people> ur sister r ur family membrs get this type of problem then what do u say appudu kuda pawan ki support chesthara think
sravan suhas's picture
by sravan suhas (not verified) on
this is a fake ..... and the photo is a photoshoped....the real pic is with the renu desai madam...i am saying that this pic is completely fake...& the rumour is fake....the anti tries to leak the movie .....but its stand in the top place....even its they are trying to create to the fake news of pawan kalyan one can let down the power.....thats the power of pawan kalyan.... jai hindh


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