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CMFRI behind the significant GIS-based development

Published Apr 24, 2017, 2:17 am IST
Updated Apr 24, 2017, 6:41 am IST
Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute
 Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute

KOCHI: The Kochi-based Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) has developed a database of all fish landing centres along the Indian coasts with their GIS (geographic information system) location, types of fishing activity, seasonality and extent of operations from each. The GIS-based database is a significant development towards ensuring the safety of fishers at sea and security of the country. Details of traditional landing centres and modern harbours are in the database prepared by scientists.

Dr A. P. Dineshbabu, the principal scientist at the Mangalore Research Centre of CMFRI, coordinated the team comprising 22 scientists and 85 other staff members who prepared the inventory. He said the information about the landing centres and operational area of fishing would be useful to identify the regions where fishing activities are taking place and protect the lives of fishers. “The database will help in an efficient marine spatial planning of various activities in the sea by protecting the security and livelihood concerns of the fisher folk along the Indian coasts,” he said.

This document forms a part of an exhaustive collection of the database by CMFRI, for bringing all fishing activities and fishery resource information of Indian coast in GIS format. The team collected information on 1,278 landing centres spanning all maritime states (Gujarat, 129; Maharashtra, 149; Goa,34; Karnataka, 93; Kerala, 201; Tamil Nadu, 359; Andhra Pradesh, 204; Orissa, 54 and West Bengal, 55). “The geotags of marine fish landing centres is also crucial work in facilitating national security,” he said, adding that the document would help the Navy, the Coast Guard and other security agencies in disaster management as well.

Location: India, Kerala


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