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Lending a helping hand

Published Jan 24, 2017, 12:31 am IST
Updated Jan 24, 2017, 7:13 am IST
Laddu Bhai has been helping commuters cross a busy street since 35 years.
Laddu Bhai helping children cross the road
 Laddu Bhai helping children cross the road

The heavy traffic in Hyderabad doesn’t quite need an introduction and despite hundreds of traffic policemen stationed across the city, sometimes it’s not quite enough. But the traffic has inspired one man to help out and he has been doing so religiously for over 35 years now.

Meet 55-year-old Christopher alias ‘Laddu Bhai’ who’s a familiar face for anyone who passes Mir Alam Mandi, Mir Chowk area in old city around 8 am in the morning to 4 pm in the evening. Laddu Bhai got his name Laddu from his parents.

Laddu Bhai was in his twenties when controlling traffic became his passion. He started this from the day when there was heavy traffic in his locality and he tried clearing it. Since that day, he enjoys helping commuters. He stays with his daughter and wife in the same street.

His day starts around 8 am when he visits the Floret School opposite to his residence and helps the school kids in crossing the roads. If he is not around, kids look for Laddu Bhai and wait until he comes. After he finishes his traffic service he often spends some time at a cycle shop opposite to the school with his friends and leaves for lunch to his house when he is done and comes back around 4 pm when the school gets over.

Many traffic policemen suggested him to join the traffic police services but he had never shown any interest as social service gives him satisfaction. 65-year-old Mirza Ali, neighbour of Laddu Bhai, says, “This street is congested which makes it really difficult for us to cross the roads. We are relieved as we have him. He is better than many of the traffic policemen.”

Few commuters often offer tips to Christopher but he avoids taking them as he is content with whatever he is earning from his rented shops which are exactly opposite to the Floret School. Laddu says, “I earn around Rs 12,000 from my four rented shops which is more than enough for my family’s monthly expenses. I feel happy when school kids offer me sweets and chocolates as a token of thanks but I don’t accept tips from anyone.”

He adds, “I start around 8 am and help the school kids in crossing the road and follow the same around 4 pm when their school gets over. Whenever I get tired I take rest for sometime at the opposite cycle shop and have tea. People of the area thank me for this help, and I will continue this work till I can.”

Mir Chowk police station even rewarded Christopher for his good services a year back. They have also provided him a whistle and a mask which helps him in controlling the traffic.



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