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29th Jul, 2014
According to Indian officials, tiger population in India at present stands at over 1,700
Labiobaetis soldani is closely related to Labiobaetis pulchellus, which has been described from Sri Lanka in the larval stage. (Photo:
28th Jul, 2014
The new species are called Labiobaetis soldani
Thought to number in excess of 10 million before British settlers arrived in 1788, there are now believed to be as few as 43,000 koalas left in the wild, though their existence high in the treetops makes them difficult to count. (Photo: AFP)
28th Jul, 2014
4-year-old male koala was struck by vehicle near Maryborough in Queensland state
Here is a pooch overwhelmed by a family member’s return after 2 years. (Photo: Video grabs)
27th Jul, 2014
Don’t believe us? Check the video for yourself
Photo used for representation purpose. (Photo: ANI)
26th Jul, 2014
Canines exhibit behaviors like snapping or pushing their owners
24th Jul, 2014
We bring a compilation of the funniest gifs gone viral. You surely won’t be able to get through these without cracking a smile! Uh huh..who cares bro If only that slipper hadn't got in my way
This picture is used for representation purpose only. Photo:
24th Jul, 2014
Jealousy may not be the sole domain of humans
This picture is used for representation purpose only. Photo:
23rd Jul, 2014
African elephants have almost 2,000 olfactory receptor genes




Its ‘buy’ button will soon let individuals purchase products of different brands; Picture for representational purpose
Facebook will focus on expanding ‘buy’ button to expand its advertisement sector
Ian Bell. (photo: AP)
Ian Bell's left thumb got hit while fielding in second slip
Ishant Sharma. (Photo: PTI/File)
The tall Indian bowlers should bowl bouncers more frequently