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Doctors in Mumbai remove world's biggest tumour from woman's kidney

Published Oct 11, 2017, 2:14 pm IST
Updated Oct 11, 2017, 2:57 pm IST
The mass removed measured 31 by 19 cm (Photo: YouTube)
 The mass removed measured 31 by 19 cm (Photo: YouTube)

Tumours can be life threatening if they are left untreated and at times they keep growing inside organs as people fail to realise what a small lump in the body could mean. While a lot of people have been helped by surgically removing tumours, some cases have managed to astonish medical practitioners.

28-year-old Manju Devi from Darbhanga had been complaining of a lump on her right side for the past three years. When the doctors in Mumbai conducted a scan, it revealed that Manju had a 31 by 19 cm mass in her body.

The tumour in her kidney which was 50 times the size of the organ has also been confirmed to be the biggest renal tumour ever discovered. While kidneys normally weigh 110 to 140 grams, the tumour removed from Manju’s kidney weighs 5.5 kg.

The mass in her abdomen prevented Manju from doing her day to day tasks and the tumour had grown over her intestines and the pancreas.



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