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The Versatile Potato In Myriad Flavours!

Published Aug 17, 2021, 9:20 am IST
Updated Aug 17, 2021, 9:20 am IST
National Potato Day on August 19 calls for savouring the humble potatoes in their most exotic avatars as chefs share their secret recipes
POTATO SPHERE CHAAT, WHITE PEAS RAGDA  By Manish Mehrotra, Corporate Chef, Indian Accent Restaurants, New Delhi - New York (Photo Courtesy - Rohit Chawla)
 POTATO SPHERE CHAAT, WHITE PEAS RAGDA By Manish Mehrotra, Corporate Chef, Indian Accent Restaurants, New Delhi - New York (Photo Courtesy - Rohit Chawla)

Chefs share recipes using potatoes which go many steps beyond fried, mashed and baked. It’s time to try these exciting  dishes at home as they are deeply satiating. Nothing beats a hearty dish made with all time favourite, potato.

1) Lahauli Aloo


By Rajnish Malkoti, Executive Chef, WelcomHotel, Shimla

Kufri Chandramukhi Potatoes: 1000 gms        
Onion: 250 gms                
Tomatoes: 175 gms        
Cumin Seed: 1 tbsp                    
Black cardamom: 3 nos                
Red chilli powder    : 1.5 tbsp                    Turmeric powder: 1 tbsp                
Chopped ginger: 10 gms                    
Chopped garlic: 10 gms                    
Coriander leaves: 3 gms                
Galgal juice: 30 ml             
Salt to taste



Wash the potatoes well and cut in small wedges with skin.
Put ghee in a hot pan and add cumin seeds, black cardamom, ginger & garlic for tempering.
Add finely chopped onion and cook until golden brown.
Add chopped tomatoes seedless and cook it further 2-3 min on medium heat.
Add powdered spices like turmeric and red chilli and cook it for 2 min.
Add diced potatoes in the masala and cook it for 2-3 min
Add hot water and simmer it till the potatoes are cooked.
Garnish with freshly coriander leaves
Serve with hot poori or babru.


2) Peri Peri Goan Potato Chops

By Graciano D'Souza, Goan Masterchef, Novotel Goa Resort & Spa  


Potatoes: 500gms
Chopped onions: 80gms
Chopped green chilli: 10gms  
Chopped coriander: 20gms
Chopped garlic: 40gms
Chopped ginger: 20gms
Peri peri spice powder: 10gms  
Bread crumbs or semolina: 200gms
Maida: 100gms
Salt as per your taste
Pepper as per your taste
Oil for frying


- In a pot boil the potatoes along with salt until nicely cooked. Keep it aside to cool.
- Once cooled, peel off the skin and set aside.
- Add little oil to a pan. Once it reaches medium heat, sauté the finely chopped onion, ginger and garlic until translucent.
- Now add this mixture to the boiled potatoes along with a teaspoon of periperi powder, salt and pepper.
- Mash the mixture into a smooth dough. Finally add the chopped coriander, and give it a nice mix. Keep in the chiller for an hour or two.
- Remove the mixture from the chiller. Take a golf ball size quantity of the potato mixture and shape into round but slightly flat disks.
- Lightly coat the potato chops with flour and keep aside.
- Carefully coat each potato chop with semolina if you prefer a vegetarian dish. Alternatively, you may coat the chop with beaten egg before coating it with semolina.
- Heat some oil in a shallow pan until it reaches medium heat.
- Fry the chops on both sides, until nice and golden brown on all sides.
- Drain any excess oil using a paper towel.
- Serve them hot with your choice of mayo or dip


  Note: Please add chilli and peri peri spice according to the spice levels enjoyed by you.


3) Vegan Potato Steak

By Jerson Fernandes, Executive Chef, Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach

Potato: 500gms        
Garlic: 6 pods        
Salt to season        
Crushed black pepper to season        
Cherry tomato: 200gms        
Soy cheese: 100gms        
Potato flakes: 100gms        
Olive oil: 100ml        
Parsley: 2 tbsp        
Oregano: 1 tsp
Freshly chopped basil: 1 tblsp
Balsamic vinegar: 70ml        
Potato spaghetti noodles: 100gms        
Onions: 4nos        
Asparagus: 50gms        
Brocolli: 50gms        
Kalamata olives: 6nos        
Tomato puree: 100ml        
Edible flowers for garnishing    


Boil potatoes in seasoned water. Peel and allow to cool.
Mash and season with fresh herbs and shape it into a rectangular steak. Allow to set in a refrigerator for 15 minutes.                                                                                           
Prepare an accompanying sauce using cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, garlic, fresh herbs, chopped onions and seasoning all simmered together in a non-stick pan for 7 minutes until tomatoes break down and become pulpy.
Prepare potato spirals using a spiral maker. Wrap them over the potato steak and allow it to set for another 10 minutes in the refrigerator.
Prepare a base of caramelized onions by caramelizing sliced onions in a pan until golden brown and translucent.
Prepare a soy cheese crisp by melting soy cheese and potato flakes on a non-stick pan and allow it to cool and get crisp.                                                
Prepare a mash of broccoli and asparagus by blanching both together and pureeing it into a sieve to get a smooth paste. Add seasoning.
Prepare an accompanying tomato sauce using tomato puree seasoned with basil, salt and pepper simmered to perfection.
Grill the potato noodle wrapped steak on a non-stick pan using olive oil, until golden crisp.
Plate it on a bed of caramelized onions, accompanied with the cherry tomato glaze and basil tomato puree each on either side of the steak.
Place the vegan cheese crisp on top of the potato steak.
Garnish with the green mash using a comb on the plate rim, place the edible flowers over it. Drizzle olive oil, sprinkle chopped parsley and slit kalamata olives.
Serve hot.


Place the potato spiral in ice chilled water to make it more crispy and crunchier. Replace potato with sweet potato for a sweeter version of the recipe.


By Manish Mehrotra, Corporate Chef, Indian Accent Restaurants, New Delhi - New York


For potato spheres: 4 spheres

Potato (russet potatoes, or white potatoes):    200 gms
Oilfor frying

For white peas ragda

Dry white peas: 50 gms
Onions, chopped:    1 tbsp
Tomatoes, chopped:    1 tbsp
Green chillies, chopped:    ½ tsp
Fresh coriander leaves:    1 tsp
Lime juice:    1 tsp
Chaat masala:    ½ tsp


To serve

Sweet yogurt:    2 tbsp
Green chutney: 2 tsp
Tamarind chutney:    1½ tbsp
Chaat masala: a pinch
Sliced watermelon as garnish
Cress, or pea shoots (optional) as garnish


Soak the white peas for at least 2-3 hours in water.

To make white peas ragda

Place the soaked peas in a saucepan. Add water. Boil for 20-30 minutes, or till the peas turn almost completely mushy. Drain excess water, if any. Add onions, tomatoes, green chillies, coriander, lime juice and chaat masala to the boiled peas. Mix well. Adjust seasoning to taste.


To make potato spheres

We use potatoes with low sugar content so that the spheres do not darken when fried. In India, though, it is difficult to find such potatoes. At Indian Accent, we test each batch of potatoes and use only those whichgive a perfect, even, golden-brown colour.
Grate the potatoes, neither too fine nor too thick. Remove excess water by pressing between paper towels. Fill individual, round, fine-mesh moulds with the grated potatoes. Heat oil, place the moulds in the oiland deep fry till each sphere is golden brown and turns crisp. You can fry the potato spheres in a deep-fat fryer too.



Place the mashed, spiced peas in a single line on a long platter. Place the crisp potato spheres on top. Press the spheres lightly into the mushy peas so that they hold when the platter is carried. Pour yogurt, green chutney and tamarind chutney on top. Sprinkle chaat masala. Garnish with cress, or pea shoots and a small slice of watermelon. The watermelon helps wash down the palate.


5) Potato Croissant

Chef Shubham Thakur, Chef De Cuisine, The Leela Palace New Delhi


Potato (preferably mountain potato): 1
Unsalted butter: 30 gms
Sea salt: a pinch
Grated wasabi: 10 gms
Cream: 50 gms



Peel the skin of the potatoes and wash them.
Start peeling the potato in lengthwise motion to have a sheet of thin potato.
Cut it diagonally, to form a bigger triangle.
Brush with soft unsalted butter.
Bake it at 200 degrees for 10 minutes and low fan speed.
In a sauce pan, heat cream and wasabi. Reduce till a thicker consistency. Preferably do it on induction to avoid burning of pan’s side.
Once done sprinkle sea salt and a dollop of wasabi sauce and serve.



By Dhruv Oberoi, Executive chef, Olive Qutab, The Grammar Room, New Delhi



Lobster tail (halved): 3 (into 6)
Salt roasted mountain potato (mashed): 100 gms
Potato starch: 25 gms
Rice flour: 50 gms
Paprika: 5 gms
Garlic powder: 5 gms
Sea salt: 5 gms
Soda water
Ice: 100 gms
Salt pepper for seasoning
Rice four for dusting
Oil for frying


Roughly mix all the ingredients and add soda water gradually.
Make sure the batter needs to be rough and not finely mixed, and need to be super chilled.
Dust the lobster with seasoning and rice flour.
Dip into the super chilled batter and deep fry in the super hot oil (180 degrees C).
Serve quickly with a wedge of lime or lemon and dipping sauce of your choice.