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Ghayal Once Again movie review: For those who love Sunny Deol and his punches

Published Feb 5, 2016, 5:27 pm IST
Updated Feb 5, 2016, 6:39 pm IST
A still from Sunny Deol's latest release 'Ghayal Once Again'
 A still from Sunny Deol's latest release 'Ghayal Once Again'

Director: Sunny Deol

Cast: Sunny Deol, Om Puri, Soha Ali Khan, Narendra Jha, Tisca Chopra

For most part of this film, as a viewer you are constantly thinking about how Ajay Mehra (Sunny Deol) will end up fighting against the most powerful man Raj Bansal ( Narendra Jha) in the country, which in a way is a good seat to be in.

Anyways, coming to Raj Bansal, he is a powerful and an influential businessman who has all the ministers, police commissioner on his speed dial. They take his calls as an order and no one dares to refuse him, even if it means seizing Ajay’s business’ without even questioning ‘why’. Except when he makes a panic call to a security official in Delhi asking for an access to the live feeds of CCTVs in Mumbai, and he is told a ‘no’ and is also ridiculed. So it is established that his power lies within Mumbai city limits only even if the tagline in the promo says ‘most powerful man in the country’.

He has a son; a waste, druggie, short tempered, who ends up killing an RTI activist played (Om Puri) escalated by a heated discussion. Too bad for him as bunch of 4 teens, on a field day to shoot a short film, end up recording this crime.

This brings in Ajay Mehra to ensure Raj Bansal is exposed but he has to make sure he also protects Rohan ( Shivam Patil), Anushka (Aachal Munjal) and the other 2. All hell breaks loose when Raj takes charge to do whatever it takes for his wasted son to not land in prison.

Sunny Deol’s performance is top notch and even at this age, he can still move fast and perform action and pack a punch with ease. As a director, he does get the viewer involved with the tight storyline. The car chase sequence, which is elaborately shot, is the highlight and it also keeps you at the edge of the seat. Hollywood action director Dan Bradley has designed the action and it is definitely international standards.

There are portions in the film that appears cliché but they are those in which Sunny Deol is not in the frame. Once he is there, he ensures you enjoy all the dramatic scenes with his convincing larger than life persona. For the Sunny Deol fans who like to watch his punches and dialogues, make sure you don’t miss this one. For the others, many action junkie scenes may be laughable affair. Figure this, the bad guy tries a head shot on Sunny Deol. Sunny falls down but the bullet brushes his forehead leaving a scar. Imagine this scene in slow-mo? Game for it? If not then leave it.

As for the film, being a remake of 90’s blockbuster Ghayal, the story line does bring in some relevance from the old plot. This makes the situations in which Ajay Mehra has been operating appear more realistic. Baring few shots, which appear like a work of an amateur, the VFX could have been better.



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