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Jamadi-us-Sani 29,1436 AH
Fajar: 4.54 am
Zohar: 12.25pm
Asar: 4.38 pm
Maghrib: 6.38 pm
Isha: 7.48 pm
Sunset today 6.33 pm
sunrise tomorrow 5.57 am
Moonrise tomorrow 6.19 am
Moonset today 7.15 pm

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This initiative is also a part of National Skill Development Mission; Representational Image
26th Jan, 2015
This initiative is also a part of National Skill Development Mission
Photo credit: Visual Photos
9th Dec, 2014
The net employment outlook for India stood at 45 per cent
Gujarat Finance minister Saurabh Patel  (Photo: DC/Files)
14th Jul, 2014
‘Out of 6.83 lakh vacancies listed in India during 2012, Gujarat registered 3.44 lakh’
18th Jan, 2014
Kerala-headquartered bank will also add 300 branches across India in 3 years.
11th Jan, 2014
Industrial growth shrinks by 2.1% in Nov; Production at factories, mines dip.
Picture for representational purpose only.
9th Jan, 2014
Employment prospects turn positive in rest of the country.
Bringing back the age-old tradition of apprenticeship in India could be one way to slash unemployment rates in India.
6th Jan, 2014
Experts feel, in order to slash unemployment rates, it is important to revive the tradition of apprenticeship in India.
3rd Jan, 2014
Krishnagiri district employment exchange not corrected the data errors despite HC directions.