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Movie Review: 'Maiem'

Published Oct 18, 2015, 12:34 am IST
Updated Mar 27, 2019, 11:00 am IST
Thriller based in ATM fails to impress the audience
Director: Aditya Bhaskar
Cast: Naveen Sanjai, Jai Queheni, Kumaran, Suhasini, Hashim , Pooja Devareya, Robo Shankar
Rating: 1 star
Maiem is the debut attempt of college students, which revolves around an ATM heist.  Here they are – three (Kumaran, Jai Queheni and Hashim) in total stuck in an ATM at a remote place at night, when unexpectedly, a tall man with a crowbar (Naveen Sanjai) arrives at the door and knocks dead the security guard. So, how do they escape? The answer turns out to be neither serious, nor funny. Instead, we get a tedious show where the characters seem to have gotten tired and have decided that this will be a long night with normal conversations not making an attempt to run away from the scenario, especially when giving requests to Robo Shankar- a man they can't even see but with whom they can communicate through a small opening in the wall. Meanwhile, the murderer patiently waits outside as the ATM is monitored by cameras, or so thought the inmates.
Noted artist AP Shreethar has written and produced the movie and  his effort to empower younger, aspiring filmmakers without any experience is commendable. The plot is interesting, but its amateurish treatment by newbie Aditya Bhaskar is a major downer.  Maiem could have been excused for the key lapses in logic if only this was a means to an end. Instead, the seriousness of the situation is totally lost.  And with the introduction of Robo Shankar, the story hereafter is not about the sticky situation at hand. No, the story is pretty much Robo Shankar, the three stuck in the ATM, and the remarks and requests they each exchange.  But by the time the film picks up towards the end with a twist, it is too late.