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Movie review ‘RX Suri’: Breakdown as the engine seizes!

Published Sep 5, 2015, 2:52 pm IST
Updated Mar 27, 2019, 10:50 pm IST

Director: Shrijai

Cast: Vijay, Akankshaa, Ravishankar


Rating: 1.5

After forgetful Daksha and Jackson, there was some hope in the ‘air’ for an entertaining ride with RX Suri, but it turns out to be one hell of a bumpy ride which assures a definite injury if dared to stay on to it till the final break down.

After all that gaga over story being inspired by the real life of an underworld don, reality bites when it is revealed that the protagonist is a small time local rowdy with a gang of handful men amongst them one ‘obviously’ being unfaithful. By now we have all the basics of RX Suri: Rowdies, chasing to death sequences, a regular adda (place), tit-bits of family sentiments, police enquiries and then comes the icing on top – a love story and most of all, the main villain with an only aim to hack Suri to death to avenge the killing of his mentor.


Even an attempt to bring in humour is hard to digest with tasteless cheap jokes amidst hours of machete (known as ‘longu’ in sandalwood language) scenes. Many stars even claim to be the best onscreen rowdies while wielding one such weapon with highest number of deaths with ketchup and dreadful wounded makeup.

The most repeated so called ‘message’ in the rowdy films is up again in RX Suri too that those who live by the sword are bound to die by it. Is it not good to find all the ‘rowdies’ on telephone directories, and send them the bulk messages and move on with different scripts? Anyhow it was just a thought!


Akankshaa, who makes her debut playing the love interest, is like the rose among the thorns being the very few relief in this too ‘much’ of a ‘longu’ story. Despite drawbacks, Duniya Vijay is yet again honest as ever while portraying a character which is indeed a treat to watch and unfortunately it is the directors who have been failing him with disjointed scripts while wholly depending on the star and banking up on the mass audience alone.