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Movie Review ‘Eradondla Mooru’: ‘Miscalculation’ goes awfully wrong

Published May 23, 2015, 3:43 pm IST
Updated Mar 29, 2019, 2:51 am IST

Director: Kumar Datt

Cast: Chandan, Shweta Pandit, Shobitha

Rating: 2 stars

There was a little excitement with the title of the movie – Eradondla Mooru meaning 2*1=3. It is an obvious arithmetical mistake, but after a laborious watch for little less than two and a half hours, there cannot be another best suited title! In short, the movie which revolves around 2 girls and 1 guy is simply 3 much of dialogues.

It all starts with the trademark verbal diarrhoea in the voice of Yograj Bhat, who has also shouldered the responsibility of distribution. A simple age old love story seemed promising but unfortunately the director loses the track until the climax. If not for the moderate twist in the end, it is a big disappointment. In fact, a lot happens in the first half – it tests the patience, and makes desperate for the interval. Even before risking into the second half, there is already a hole in the heart, a burglar in the car boot, and two constables who are suppose to be funny while investigating the burglary.

The director Kumar Datt has webbed the story around Preethi (Sobhitha), Prem (Chandan) and Sneha (Shweta), the three pillars of this cinematic miscalculation. After Katte, bad luck continues for Chandan. However, there is nothing impressive about him apart from his charismatic presence. Shobitha has very little screen presence, but a big show was expected from Shweta Pandit.

A guy falls in love, instantly, thereafter the best friend of the girl attempts series of test on the guy, which the guy passes impressively. Result, the other girl also falls in love with the same guy. The first girl is blind, with a hole in the heart. Growing impatient! That’s the specialty. Still, daring to challenge? Then watch it to know who really has a hole in the heart. 



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