I worked with a production house that treated me terribly when I was injured: Divyanka Tripathi

Published Mar 17, 2015, 10:57 pm IST
Updated Mar 29, 2019, 3:15 pm IST

Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita from ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ has been going through a tough time of late. Be it her breakup with longtime boyfriend Ssharad Malhotra, collapsing on the sets due to stress, fracturing her foot, yet the actress continues shooting.

Divyanka says, "It's been very difficult as I can’t move one leg at all. I'm shooting on a wheelchair. I informed my show team about the precautions the doctor has advised me and that I cannot walk, so they incorporated my wheelchair in the script. My production people help me by moving my wheelchair around but I don’t want to trouble them too much, so I end up sitting in one place for 5-6 hours on the sets. My books and mobile have become my best friends now, since there’s nothing more I can do."

The actress lives alone in Mumbai and her mom has come down, on request of her fans. "I had not told mom about my troubles, as she has a nice life in Bhopal, I didn’t want to trouble her. My fans and friends kept telling me to ask her to come down for some days to look after me, so she finally did arrive today. Since the past few days, even if I made a cup of tea for myself half of it would spill on the floor, as I hopped on one leg from the kitchen to the hall. If I tried moving on the wheelchair, I would get stuck somewhere. Today after a long time I enjoyed fruit salad, prepared by mom."

The actress also thanks her team for all the support, "My production people are angels. They understand that I can’t do anything about the injury. In the recent past, I worked with a production house that treated me terribly when I was injured. They would get annoyed with me, although it wasn’t my fault."

In her show too there is an emotional track at the moment, is that adding to her stress? "It is stressful but I have to switch off and forget my pain, while acting." Recently there was also a misunderstanding where Divyanka's fans thought that two other actresses were laughing at her, when she fell and hurt herself. The actresses were trolled to an extent where Divyanka had to intervene. "Fans are like babies, once you explain to them, they understand. I have no complains against my fans as I feel lucky to get so much love. When its gets too much I take a stand and explain the right scenario. Unlike some actors I would never say that I’m not answerable to my fans. They listen to me, once I clarify."

With co-star Karan Patel tying the knot soon, the actress tells us, "Our set is like a shaadi wala ghar, sasural (Karan) and maayka (Abhay Bhargava) dono hamari taraf se hai. All the preparations are taking place on the sets. Now we are deciding who will perform on what song at sangeet."

Karan's fiancee Ankita has received her share of bashing as fans were hoping for Karan and Divyanka in real life too. The actress laughs, "Ankita is an old friend since 2004. We had done a reality show together. I know her better than Karan. It will take time for people to accept her but once they know her, they will."

The actress adds she has no plans of a break. "The day after I fractured my leg I had to shoot for three appearances that I had committed too. If physically challenged people can perform and win awards too, why can’t I do it with an injury? I took inspiration from them and I completed my appearances on a walker." 



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