Tanishq thief gives up on TV

Published Jan 28, 2014, 1:41 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 8:12 am IST
A native of Guntur, Kiran, says he wanted to expose security loopholes.

Hyderabad: While the police went on a wild goose chase trying nab the Tanishq jewellery store burglar, the thief himself surrendered before a Telugu TV channel on Sunday midnight.

B. Kiran, 23, a mason and a plumber from Eepur of Guntur district, was later arrested by the police who recovered the stolen property worth Rs 5.9 crore from his room at Rasoolpura, near Begumpet in the city. A report from Guntur said Anand’s brother Sudhir was arrested from Eepur.


Kiran and his cousin Anand, who suffers from polio, had meticulously planned and committed the burglary. The two had drilled a hole into the wall of the outlet on Wednesday night. On Friday night Anand entered the store through the wall and stole the ornaments while Kiran waited outside. Kiran had observed the outlet for long, and knew its layout in detail.

Police commissioner Anurag Sharma said that Anand was still absconding with a few gold ornaments. He claimed that Kiran had developed cold feet after seeing the extensive media coverage and police action on the burglary and had decided to surrender. The police said that Kiran wanted money for his education and his cousin’s treatment.


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Burglary to become pilot, treat polio

Hyderabad: Police commissioner Anurag Sharma said the burglars stole the gold from Tanishq store to study and become a pilot and treat his cousin.

“Kiran confessed that he wanted to become a pilot and he needed Rs 15 lakh for his studies. His cousin Anand, who has polio, also needed Rs 20 lakh for treatment. These could be the reasons for them to commit the burglary,” Sharma said. He added that Kiran had also claimed that he wanted to show the loopholes of the security system in the city.


The police chief said that the two were experts in drilling and placing electric pipes as part of their job. “They drilled the rear wall on January 22 night and then on night of January 24, Anand entered the shop wearing gloves and plastic bags on his legs, and opened the showcases using tools,” said the commissioner.

Officials said that nobody could notice the hole since the rear wall of Tanishq and the compound wall was close, and the part that they had drilled remained dark even during the day. “Inside the showroom, there are plywood sheets on the wall due to which the hole made on the first day was not visible from inside,” said an official. Police said that the two had committed the crime at midnight and had later left the place hiring an autorickshaw from a little further away.


“Initially, Kiran said that only he was involved in the crime but after sustained questioning, he confessed that his cousin Anand and he had planned and committed the offence,” the police commissioner said.

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Burglar wanted to be a cop, sarpanch

K.K. Abdul Rahoof | DC

Hyderabad: The Tanishq burglary suspect, 23-year-old B. Kiran, has claimed that he wanted to show the security loopholes in the city with the heist.

Kiran, who arrived in Hyderabad from his native place in Guntur three months ago, also said that he wanted to attract the attention of people through the burglary.


“I committed this robbery to make a statement on the corruption of our political leaders. Politicians rob crores of rupees with one signature, I robbed crores of rupees in one night. I was a thief only for one night, but politicians are thieves for five years,” Kiran said adding that if given a chance, he would like to be a leader and bring change in the society.

Kiran, who is an Intermediate dropout, said he was not selfish and did not want to use the money for himself, but wanted to show people what a poor man could do.

“I am poor and do not have a good job, but I did not do this burglary to use the money for my needs. People should know the lives of the poor, and what would be the consequences if one person does not have a proper job,” he said, speaking to a private TV channel.


The youngster, whose father passed away seven years ago, grew up in poverty. His mother,  Annapurna, said that Kiran had even wanted to join the police department in the past and serve people.

“I wanted to bring about change in the society, but I am powerless. I wanted to do something big and get noticed by people,” Kiran said, adding that he had wanted to join politics and had tried to contest from his village for sarpanch, but had been looked down upon by his villagers.

“I worked in many places, but I could not find a good job. I also tried to commit suicide in the past, however, I realised I did not have the right to kill myself,” he said. Kiran also said that he wanted to live for people all his life, doing good for them.


Asked why he chose to rob to bring a change, he said that one of the famous epics was written by a thief and he could change the country. Meanwhile, Kiran’s stunned mother and relatives still could not believe the development.

They said that this was part of a bigger conspiracy. “My son is innocent, he would never commit such an offence,” said Ms Annapurna. “He does not have a criminal record, neither did he have a criminal mind that we noticed. We suspect somebody must have encouraged him or used him as a tool as part of a bigger conspiracy,” said one of his relatives. Kiran will be produced before court on Tuesday by the police.


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