The curious case of Kulasekhar

Published Dec 19, 2013, 5:54 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 1:16 am IST

Kulasekhar, known for some very popular songs in Tollywood, was arrested for stealing a silver crown of a Hanuman idol from a temple in Kakinada way back on October 24.

Apparently, he had taken the crown a day ahead, when the priest was away, but returned the next day with the bag containing the crown.

Temple authorities then searched Kulasekhar's bag and found the missing crown.

The story then takes a stranger twist. After being arrested, Kulasekhar readily admitted to the theft and police then registered a case.

The case was so weird, a hint of "mental illness" was added to the final report.

But a probe into the theft revealed the full scale of Kulasekhar’s condition. According to his friends in Hyderabad, Kulasekhar had fallen into a coma caused by a brain hemorrhage five years ago. But after waking up, his family were distraught to discover that he completely lost his memory. "Kulasekhar then left home, saying it was just for, ‘three to four days’. He had no idea where he was going, and this was a few years ago," says friend R.P. Patnaik.

Kulasekhar originally hails from Vizag and his father worked at a temple.

Many claim Kulasekhar is still unaware that his father had passed away some years ago.

Confusion about his whereabouts continued, until reports of the theft surfaced. But shortly after his arrest, there were no lawyers present to represent the lyricist in court as the region’s legal community was caught up in the Seemandhra agitations.

But the magistrate was stunned when he readily accepted that he was guilty — earning him the six-month sentence.

But according to the source from Kakinada, the police had long suspected that their prisoner was "not normal".

"I think that’s why they’re moving him to Rajahmundry, which has a better care centre," said the source.

Kulasekhar’s family though, in Hyderabad, may have distanced themselves from him. A close family friend revealed the extent of the problem.

"His wife is struggling to look after the two children. She is working with a private firm and he has brothers too, living in Vizag. But they don’t know his whereabouts. Also, he had piled on a lot of debts in Hyderabad and nobody wanted to take care of him," the friend said.

Kulasekhar has been responsible for several hits and worked mostly with music director R.P. Patnaik and Tollywood director Teja. 



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