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Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade strip-searched, say sources; Shinde, Rahul Gandhi, Modi refuse to meet US delegation

Agencies | December 17, 2013, 14.12 pm IST
Devyani Khobragade - File photo via Facebook
Devyani Khobragade - File photo via Facebook

New York: Few days after India's Deputy Consul General in New York Devyani Khobragade was handcuffed in public, shocking details emerged on the treatment meted out to the diplomat, prompting India to take reciprocal actions.

Declaring India's strong protest, the govt asked US to return all identity cards issued to their consular officers posted in the country. The displeasure was also evident among leaders and officials of Indian government.

In a major snub on Tuesday, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has refused to meet a US Congressional delegation in protest against the arrest and subsequent treatment meted to the Indian diplomat. The meeting, which was slated on Monday, did not take place because Gandhi wanted to register his disapproval of the American treatment of Indian diplomat, sources said.

Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde also cancelled his meeting with the delegation ostensibly as a mark of protest against the treatment meted out to Indian officer.

However, Home Ministry officials said Shinde is busy in Parliament and, hence, he will not be in a position to meet the American delegation. The Home Minister's programme, which was prepared last evening, had clearly mentioned the scheduled meeting at 1700 hours. Officials said the meeting was cancelled this morning.

BJP's PM candidate Modi, who was also supposed to meet the US team, too cancelled the meeting. 

"Refused to meet the visiting USA delegation in solidarity with our nation, protesting ill treatment meted to our lady diplomat in USA," Modi tweeted.

Addressing reporters later, Foreign Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said, "We have conveyed our sense of disquiet to the US as a protest to treatment meted out to India's Deputy Consul General in New York."

Throwing diplomatic niceties towards a friendly country to the winds, the IFS officer was put in a prison cell with sex workers and drug addicts, the sources said. 

Sources said that she was held with common criminals and was strip-searched in custody by the New York Police. She was also subjected to DNA swabbing in the prison, a technique employed by forensic scientists to assist in the identification of individuals by their respective DNA profiles.

In an escalating diplomatic row on Tues, India has asked the US to return IDs issued to all its consular officers posted in the country, a move which may be a precursor to reviewing immunity and benefits enjoyed by them as a protest to the treatment meted out to Devyani Khobragade.

"Government has asked the US to return the ID cards given to their consular officers posted in India," Government sources told PTI.

It is understood that the government intends to review the immunity and benefits enjoyed by US diplomats. 

39-year-old Khobragade, a 1999-batch IFS officer, was taken into custody last week on a street in New York as she was dropping her daughter to school and handcuffed in public on visa fraud charges before being released on a USD 250,000 bond after pleading not guilty in court.

Slamming the US authorities, National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon said that the treatment meted out to the diplomat was 'barbaric and despicable'.

However, the US state department maintained that standard procedures followed during Indian diplomat's arrest. Khobragade declined to comment on the issue.

Talking to reporters, Minister of State for External Affairs Preneet Kaur said, "I don't think this is indicative of being taken for granted. But certainly it is not a good indication that a diplomat should be treated like this....we strongly object to the manner the whole incident has been (taken place)."

She was asked if the US takes India for granted and the arrest of the diplomat was manifestation of that. The minister also said there are ways and means to convey objection diplomatically which was being done. 

On Monday, Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar had cancelled her meeting with the US delegation in Delhi as a mark of protest against the treatment meted out to India's Deputy Consul General.

Kumar, herself a Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer who quit the service before joining politics, cancelled the meeting as she felt it was not 'appropriate' to meet the Parliamentarians of the US, which has badly treated one of India's senior diplomats, according to sources.

Significantly, National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon, who also had a scheduled meeting with the five-member US team, did not meet them, apparently for the same reason.

The delegations comprised of Congressmen George Holding (Republican- North Carolina), Pete Olson (Republican- Texas) David Schweikert (Republican- Arizona), Robert Woodall (Republican- Georgia), Madeleine Bordallo (Democrat- Guam).

Monday's snub came after India reacted sharply to Devyani Khobragade's arrest last week by summoning US Ambassador Nancy Powell and issuing a demarche in this regard.

In Washington also the matter was taken up with the US government "forcefully" through the Indian mission. 

"We are shocked and appalled at the manner in which she has been humiliated by the US authorities. We have taken it up forcefully with the US government through our embassy in Washington.

"We are also reiterating, in no uncertain terms, to US embassy here that this kind of treatment to one of our diplomats is absolutely unacceptable," Spokesperson in the Ministry of External Affairs Syed Akabaruddin had said here while reacting to the treatment meted out to Khobragade. 




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Dum Dum's picture
by Dum Dum (not verified) on
This is United States not "incredible" India. There is something called law and order in US which people have to follow irrespective of your position. Additionally, there is something called integrity, honesty and self respect in US.
Sunjay's picture
by Sunjay (not verified) on
What about culprits of Bhopal gas tragedy, when will US punish them? BTW do you know something called diplomatic immunity. But I'm not surprised by your reaction many middle class/upper caste Indians have his subservient attitude towards westerners, its quite possible the lady herself suffered from this attitude. What they don't understand American culture respects assertiveness, such submissive attitude terns them off.
Rude!'s picture
by Rude! (not verified) on
while you spoke about an important issue you quickly displayed your arrogance...!!...Upper caste Indians do NOT have a subservient attitude towards westerners...PS: how is this about caste, if you must know the Lady was a dalit... but more importantly, an Indian...and no nation, who ever they may be have the right to castigate or illtreat and one, who so ever... you are a 'shame'...sorry...
Paul C's picture
by Paul C (not verified) on
Well I think the question of CASTE can only be answered when we get the answer to the question What Caste is Preet Bhahara's family from? How would we know until we know which two Castes we are dealing with?
Geo's picture
by Geo (not verified) on
" Additionally, there is something called integrity, honesty and self respect in US." Stop acting like the american lawyer ! or paid defender.
Luciyan's picture
by Luciyan (not verified) on
Before jumping in and passing judgement on India, i suggest you consider the events of January 27, 2011 - On that day Raymond Davis, a US consular officer, killed two men in Lahore, Pakistan and was arrested by the local police. The US govt then argued that he had diplomatic immunity and successfully got him back to the US. Clearly the United States invoked diplomatic immunity for this American despite the Pakistan Foreign Ministry clearly stating that his name did not figure in the list of Diplomatic staff. United States of America only preaches MORAL and rules for others, not for itself
Sunil Kr's picture
by Sunil Kr (not verified) on
Thats fine. American Diplomats here in India should be also treated like common people and standard laws should apply to them. We will treat them equal as per other common people from Uganda and Bangladesh. We should also apply standard laws irrespective of his country or post.
Che Goldstein's picture
by Che Goldstein (not verified) on
This was done on purpose ONLY because of India's stance vis a vis Pakistan, beloved Islamo nation close to the heart of Dear Leader. This was MEANT to evoke the reactions you are witnessing.
Rude!'s picture
by Rude! (not verified) on
Precisely, it is the US and not India...The US laws are for US citizens and not for foreign 'diplomats'...they have a different set of laws, not under the jurisdiction of the local PD... The said diplomat whilst maintaining her integrity and honesty was released on bail after a couple of hours during her arrest... whilst the US doesn't hold repute in international circles for the very words you chose to use... let's see...Arresting a mother(the diplomat) in front of her daughter, the school, when she had gone to drop her child(morning hours and public view) and keeping her in a prison with the likes of the Criminals of the US society, after strip searching her, all the while having no authority to do so...mmmm...that speaks volumes about the stance on self respect and integrity in the US PS: is that your real name...!?...
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
To Strip a Lady Diplomat Called "Standard Procedure" with the title " Law and Order" Shame!!.
Rishabh's picture
by Rishabh (not verified) on
This action calls for a reaction more than registering 'strong protests'. Indian Ambassador from the US should be called back from the US with a statement from the Indian External Affairs Ministry that Indo-US ties are under review. The US Ambassador in India should be made to tender Unconditional Apology for the behavior of US Authorities. Yes we are not as strong as US, but if we don't stand up for ourselves now, it would mean that we would be 'bullied' like this now in future too. Today it is US, tomorrow it can be China.
Ashokr's picture
by Ashokr (not verified) on
How can an IFS officer behave in such a scandalous manner? Nobody talks about how this little hottie broke every rule in the book. That might be okay for public servants in India but not in US.
Rude!'s picture
by Rude! (not verified) on
IFS officer behaving in a scandalous manner...sir are you the judge there...!?...what's your authority to comment such but not based on yourself a favour and learn something online, there are many courses...perhaps not many for stupidity... the 'little hottie' happens to the Deputy Consul General at the Indian Embassy in USA...and for every rule that broke in the book, there was an issue with the visa application of her domestic help for which a proper channel of communication and investigation was already being maintained by both the concerned govts... she stood by with integrity and honesty and courage in that testing time, accolades for that...!?... have you ever been strip searched...!?...or locked up in a jail with prostitutes and drug addicts...whilst I haven't been I want to imagine and present my disdain for the same... man, grow some balls and do your homework...
ravi from Santoshnagar's picture
by ravi from Santo... (not verified) on
Good Devyani Khobragade tortured a domestic worker.
Rama krishnan KJ's picture
by Rama krishnan KJ (not verified) on
No media is highlighting this atrocity happened to an Indian woman for undue reasons. She was handcuffed in public. strip-searched, make naked, kept in jail with other criminals, sex workers, what nonsense America is doing for a long time to Indian? We could remember the same insult happened to Abdul Kalam, Amirkhan, Students ankle cuffed with cctc, etc, etc, in the past. But why INCW is also being silent and not protesting on the streets?
Dharma Rajan MB's picture
by Dharma Rajan MB (not verified) on
We Indian never insult the foreign criminals too in any cases like that. We too should retaliate like United states did for Ms. Devyani. Tlhen only the pain will be known to all. For petty reasons, America is taking a chance to insult our officers, actors, students, even our ex president Abdul Kalam too. Strongly to protest on this issue sir.
Ryan Acres's picture
by Ryan Acres (not verified) on
We feel absolutely terrible that the U.S. Govt. strip searched a highly educated physician and privileged diplomat from India. The following points can make Dr. Devyani’s case much stronger before a U.S. court of law: 1. The Obama administration has complained to Russia about harassment of the American ambassador to Moscow and will raise concerns about his security, a U.S. official said on Friday. The official said recent instances of anti-Americanism directed at Ambassador Michael McFaul had prompted the complaints to the Russian foreign ministry. If the U.S. govt. wants its diplomats to be treated nicely by foreign countries, why does it intentionally misbehave with foreign diplomats staying in the U.S.? 2. Before arresting and fining Dr. Devyani, the United States and Preet Bharara should look at the 11 million illegal Mexicans who are working in the United States for way less than $3 per hour. Isn't it true that the U.S. intentionally ignores strict patrolling along the Mexican border to encourage cheap Mexican labor in the U.S.? How about the Citibank board of directors who charge their credit card holders a 29.9% APR (annual % rate) so that credit card users ALWAYS remain in debt. Isn't that unfair too? Can Preet Bharara first clean the dirt in the United States before arresting another country's diplomat? Why doesn't NYPD strip search Wall Street employees for financial infractions? Also, the maid in question (Sangeeta Richard) was staying in Dr. Devyani's house without paying any rent or food/utility expenses. The usual rent for a 2 bedroom apt. in New York is more than $3,000. Add to that the cost of food, clothing, gas, heating and air-conditioning and you can easily see that in fact the maid owes money to the Indian diplomat! So this is not even a financial infraction. Also, look at the salaries of Indians employed at the U.S. embassies in Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi. A U.S. Dept. of State document clearly says that they are underpaid than their white American counterparts. Obviously, Sangeeta Richard planned this with the sole intention of obtaining a U.S. green card through a fake “political asylum” petition. 3. At a recent panel discussion in Manhattan, U.S. District Judge Richard J. Sullivan said that the Preet Bharara’s office press releases had assumed a “tabloid” tone. The judge questioned whether Mr. Bharara was casting too much judgment on public officials who stand accused of corruption, but have not been convicted. Bharara, of course, wouldn’t be the first person from that office to have both political and private sector ambitions -- and be successful at both. Rudy Giuliani famously used his record as a corporate crime fighter in the 1980s to join a private law firm, earn a big salary and then run successfully for mayor of New York City. He is now the chief executive of his own consulting firm, Giuliani Partners. Bharara is almost certainly trying to get political mileage from his high profile cases. The least he could have done is to send a letter to the Indian mission asking for clarification. This is a clear mockery of international diplomatic protocol by the U.S. govt. Suggestions: From my experience, I can say that India has a relatively spineless foreign policy. Even after the shocking strip search, the Indian govt. did NOTHING to retaliate. Why can’t the Ministry of External Affairs or the Home Dept. issue a random strip search order for 60% of the U.S. consular officials working in India? Why don’t you strip search Hollywood actor Tom Cruise when he visits India? You could also do the following: 1. Reduce the issuance of Indian visas to American citizens with immediate effect. 2. File cases against U.S. diplomats in India for paying Indian employees and private security personnel a much lower salary than their white counterparts working inside the U.S. embassies in Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai, as evident from a recent study published by the U.S. Dept. of State. 3. Strip search famous American people, musicians, doctors, engineers and businessmen from the United States randomly at all major Indian airports citing “security concerns”. 4. Charge an airport administration and security fee of $24 per person per yearly visit when a U.S. citizen arrives in India via air during the next 2 years.
Matrix's picture
by Matrix (not verified) on
"Even after the shocking strip search, the Indian govt. did NOTHING to retaliate." - To take such strong measures which you had mentioned, the political leadership of the nation should have a strong backbone, which I don't think we are having now. The present policy always seems to be "lets play safe" when dealing with the big brother (US). As a matter of fact we even took a "foreign policy of tolerance and understanding" towards Pakistan. In the long run we are suffering the consequences of these tolerant decisions taken by the previous leaders and their Governments. Today we can see Pak has gone nuclear and become all the more nuclear war dangerous and unstable. Now they even have strategic support from China including strong defense projects. After all this years of diplomacy and giving peace a chance, Navas Sherif again started talking of "war". The price we have to pay for being tolerant and taking diplomacy to the table? We repeat the mistakes made by our leaders in our history.
Brian Parker's picture
by Brian Parker (not verified) on
Very well written Ryan. You sem to be well informed and have nailed the right points. Its time India stands up for itself and its people and shows some muscle to the US.
Sharda Sheshabhattar's picture
by Sharda Sheshabhattar (not verified) on
Great points Ryan! Your argument and reasoning makes perfect sense!
Zeenath's picture
by Zeenath (not verified) on
Only Ryan Acres seems to have got it right the rest of the commentators seem to be neck deep in typical Indian Crab mentality. No thoughts of self respect and none of reason. But yahi hai India. And I wonder what reasons these crabs will air for the strip searches of SRK AamirKhan and even APJ Kalam, I guess they will say "hey! those guys are all muslims arent they so they might be sympthetic to or even be terrorists themselves...Indian govt is spineless and does not arrest and harass them on suspicion",....hmmmm I am hoping I am not right.
mnavinc's picture
by mnavinc (not verified) on
i agree with you..i'm an Indian..but i still proud of my country..we at-least have some love and respect to our foreign guests. :)
Hindustani's picture
by Hindustani (not verified) on
If just imagine the Embassy of USA in India issuing visa unconditional to any one who interested to Visit or for something else just for One Week!!! oh!!! oh!!! oh!!! I am petty sure The Government take military support to control the situation. All over India the public run towards embassy, consulates and the situation looks like some political party call for Yatra. And our reputation as Indian in United States of America is!!! George Fernandez, Abdul Kalam, Sharuk Khan, Ram Dev and now Devyani and in future God knows. Other side of the Mirror if any American or European comes to visit us, we treat them like Angle came to earth.
equalityjustice's picture
by equalityjustice (not verified) on
Welcome to gender quality people. what Indian women thought they could get away with anything as in India? This is USA .
mkfaruk's picture
by mkfaruk (not verified) on
So, US Consulate Personnel should treat the same way in India. Isnt it?
JP's picture
by JP (not verified) on
This is not the first time , Preet Bharara has targeted a high profile South Asian .
V.Ramesh's picture
by V.Ramesh (not verified) on
It is surprising to read that Shiv Shankar Menon reacts for ill-treatment of an Indian woman. How come he did not show same kind of reaction when thousands of Indian origin woman were raped and killed by the singala army.
babu miya's picture
by babu miya (not verified) on
It earns a lot from India by pushing it products with well known brand consumables, indian students and later from the Indian minds. India is a mighty country with brilliances serving other countries....:(
Jai_marathi's picture
by Jai_marathi (not verified) on
US police should have given a separate cell to this woman taking into consideration non-henious nature of the allegations and her official position. This however does not mean this babu is not guilty of underpaying the maid. Facts based on Thorough investigations should be the order if the day. I would say to GOI not to be carried away in emotions and to behave rationally.
Gurumoorthy Poochandhai's picture
by Gurumoorthy Poo... (not verified) on
For all the morons who think what the U.S does is always correct, please read the excerpt from wikipedia below: Raymond Allen Davis is a former United States Army soldier, private security firm employee, and contractor with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).[3] On January 27, 2011, Davis killed two reportedly armed men in Lahore, Pakistan. Although the U.S. government contended that he was protected by diplomatic immunity because of his employment with the U.S. Consulate in Lahore, Davis was jailed and criminally charged by Pakistani authorities with double murder and the illegal possession of a firearm.[4][5][6] A car coming to aid Davis killed a third Pakistani man in a "hit and run" while speeding on the wrong side of the road.[7] On March 16, 2011, Davis was released after the families of the two killed men were paid $2.4 million in diyya (a form of monetary compensation or blood money). Judges then acquitted him on all charges and Davis immediately departed Pakistan.[8][9][10][11] The incident led to a diplomatic furor and deterioration in Pakistan–United States relations. A major focus of the incident was the U.S.'s assertion that Davis was protected under the principle of diplomatic immunity due to his role as an "administrative and technical official" attached to the Lahore consulate.[3] The U.S. government claimed that Davis was protected under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and demanded he be released from custody immediately.[12] President Barack Obama asked Pakistan not to prosecute Davis and recognize him as a diplomat, stating, "There's a broader principle at stake that I think we have to uphold."[13] The Pakistani officials disputed the claim of immunity from a murder charge, asserting that Davis was involved in clandestine operations, and questioned the scope of his activities in Pakistan.[14] The Pakistani Foreign Office stated that "this matter is sub judice in a court of law and the legal process should be respected."[15] Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi stated that, according to official records and experts in the Foreign Office, Davis was "not a diplomat and cannot be given blanket diplomatic immunity"; Qureshi's stand on the issue allegedly led to him losing the Foreign Affairs ministerial post When a U.S citizen who was under a contract and working for the consulate in Lahore who killed 2 Pakistani men could be considered by Obama as having diplomatic immunity, then why can Devyani not claim immunity? She was a diplomatic official unlike Raymond who was just a contract worker (he was later revealed to be working for CIA) and she was charged for the much less heinous claim of underpaying a domestic help who had absconded (and there is every reason to believe that the worker has laid claims on Devyani under guidance from other people like Preet Bharara in order to get a green card)
Mr pateli's picture
by Mr pateli (not verified) on
India needs to stop this diplomatic tit for tat biting back! This is law in US and it must be seen to be enforced somehow to hold any creditability and integrity of a nation! India must do the same and any foreigners or companies breaking laws in India, must likewise be subject to the full force of law. Why on earth did India not make manslaughter charges on the american company directors that caused the Bhopal disaster! Maybe, life is too cheap in India - unless of course, you're a diplomat! It's time to wake up!
Mr p's picture
by Mr p (not verified) on
This is not about administering respect and courtesy between the cosy world of diplomats between friendly nations! This is about law and order and the integrity of a nation is on display here! Now why on earth did India did very little to prosecute the American perpetrators of the Bhopal disaster! Is life too cheap in India? Unless you're a diplomat??
SAMMMY's picture
by SAMMMY (not verified) on
saassa's picture
by saassa (not verified) on
If same thing happened to US counterpart what is the action US would have taken... we all know that...So be fair and try to understand that U r not the big brother of the world...
Joey Indian's picture
by Joey Indian (not verified) on
Hey guys america is scared of India, lol. Thats why they sent a committee to India to peace things out even before the Indian government retaliated, lol. Plus US is totally dependent on indians, lol. The whole financial infrastructure of America and computer based systems are all run by indians. If India cut out its work force for the US for 2 days, the US would become a 4th world country, hahaha. Think about it Finance is controlled by Indians, healthcare records, billings, pay structure of companies, all the software used by the companies (indian programmers), even the phone systems are handled by Indians. Look at all the imports, US has no exports, everything is brought into this country, even the agriculture has to be brought in from India. The day India implements bans on US, US won't be able to function. Americans will die of hunger, there will be mass confusion because banks won't have money to give (all the computer systems will go down), you won't be able to reach any companies for help. Medications won't be dispensed out to the sick because they won't know who gets what. This will cause mass riots. All the companies will scream out the government and force them to release the indian diplomat, cuz they won't be able to make money and only incur losses. Think about it India has the largest population and the biggest army. If they invade the US even with all of the US firepower they won't be able to stop them. Without even invading the the white population is a minority in the world. Look at population estimates by the US census bureau they themselves said that pretty soon there won't be any white people they will end up getting mixed in with chinese and indians, lol. Already US is in a recession and bankrupt, with the president trying to reform healthcare and screwing his own people, lol. US is scared of India. HERE AMERICA's FUTURE: This is what will happen: the charges will go away, the indian ambassador will be returned. US will say they were trying to be fair, and are sorry for all the problems that this issue caused. Please Comment so I can make fun of white people
Lokesh Ramachandrappa's picture
by Lokesh Ramachan... (not verified) on
They have world class law and order but it's biased and racist law and order.
Thappad Singh's picture
by Thappad Singh (not verified) on
Get to Know the Facts of Criminal Behavior of Devyani Khobragade ---------- 1. LYING ---------- Declare a higher amount of wages on visa papers. When interviewed, the maid told U.S. authorities that she would be paid a lot less - in fact below the U.S. minimum wage. That is selfish, immoral and illegal 2. TELLING THE MAID TO LIE ------------ Devyani wrote on visa papers that she paid the maid $4,500 per month when in fact she only paid her petty $573 per month. Devyani asked the maid to lie to U.S. authorities about her pay. How lowly life behavior! 3. VIOLATING TRUST AND FIDUCIARY DUTY ----------- Diplomats are nation’s representatives in other countries. They have a higher responsibilities to be ethical and lawful than ordinary citizens. She behaved exactly the opposite 4. CRYING FOWL ----------- When actually caught for her crimes, she complains about the treatment by the U.S. authorities. This is given to every person arrested. She was no exception. Proper legal procedures were followed in the U.S. investigation. 5. BLAMING THE WEAK AND HELPLESS ---------- Devyani and her father Uttam Khobragade started a campaign to malign the poor maid who trusted her employer and her country to take care of her.That is unethical and just immoral 6. NOT ADMITTING MISTAKE AND CRIME EVEN ONCE ---------- NOT even once Devyani and her father admitted that she lied and committed fraud. Instead they opened a front against a country that has a rule of law and more respected than India around the world. That was just plain stupid and would not work. U.S. would squish people like Devyani in no time DEFRAUDING IS NOT NEW TO KHOBRAGADES ----------- This is not the first time that Devyani Khobragade and her father Uttam Kobragade have committed money laundering, back room dealing and fraud. Uttam was involved in the ADARSH Housing Society scheme of diverting flats to politicians and the rich instead of allotting to the helpless widows of Shahid Indian Soldiers. Devyani on the other hand is suspected of in cahoots with Kapil Sibal and other corrupt Congress workers in looting the nation for crores of Rupees in the AADHAR scheme. He transfer to New York was just a ploy to avoid investigations.
mkfaruk's picture
by mkfaruk (not verified) on
This barbaric and despicable treatment of US to a Women diplomat is not tolerable. Thanks Indian Govt. for the actions taken sofar as a protest.
AravindaBN's picture
by AravindaBN (not verified) on
Though I don't agree for America's way of taking action to the diplomat, I am wondering why were such actions taken against the very same America when our most beloved Kalam sir was similarly humiliated? Not even 10% of such retaliation was taken from Indian Govt even when he is our Ex-President. Don't you think there is something fishy in it?
MB's picture
by MB (not verified) on
This is a case of 2 Indians involved. The complainant is an Indian lady and the diplomat in question is also an Indian. As Indians, we should support both and not just the diplomat. If Devyani tortured her domestic help, then she should be punished. At least in US, the diplomat is being taught a lesson that she should not use her position & influence to ill treat domestic workers. In fact we should learn a lesson and not allow rich and influential people like Devyani to illtreat domestic workers in India as well. What Devyani does in her private life is not representative of India and cannot be supported
MB's picture
by MB (not verified) on
This is a case of 2 Indians involved. The complainant is an Indian lady and the diplomat in question is also an Indian. As Indians, we should support both and not just the diplomat. If Devyani tortured her domestic help, then she should be punished. At least in US, the diplomat is being taught a lesson that she should not use her position & influence to ill treat domestic workers. In fact we should learn a lesson and not allow rich and influential people like Devyani to illtreat domestic workers in India as well. What Devyani does in her private life is not representative of India and cannot be supported
Parul singh's picture
by Parul singh (not verified) on
This lady should be put into jail for long time. Devyani is not a good lady, Indians should be ashamed for supporting her. By supporting her they approve the slavery and corruption.


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