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Saudi Arabia gives 20 lashes punishment to man for beating wife

ANI | December 04, 2013, 17.12 pm IST
Image for representational purposes only
Image for representational purposes only


Abu Dhabi: A court in eastern Saudi Arabia has sentenced a husband to 20 lashes for allegedly hitting his wife on her shoulder.
The case was filed one month ago in Al Qateef by the wife, who presented a medical report supporting her claim.
According to Gulf News, the husband, in his 30s, said that he did not mean to hurt his wife and said that he was merely joking with her.
Even though the wife later told the authorities that she was dropping the case after reconciliation with her husband, the prosecution refused to dismiss the public charges.
The judge ruled that the wife had the right to attend the flogging.


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Fan boy 's picture
by Fan boy (not verified) on
Only if we in India followed the same system.. Rapes, molestations, Eve teasing would all be easily tackled..
ManojY's picture
by ManojY (not verified) on
It is already followed in the Gulf, why did this happen.
MKhan's picture
by MKhan (not verified) on
@manoj : how many cases happen in Saudi when compared to India?
Umm Abudi's picture
by Umm Abudi (not verified) on
^ Because there are still some people who don't get it.
mudhasir's picture
by mudhasir (not verified) on
Just note the incidence of rape in both countries..
Afrin's picture
by Afrin (not verified) on
This rule should also be followed in India too.....
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
ts amazing to see how many people are happy and want this law or this kind of punishments carried by muslims in their own countries. On the other hand Islam has such bad names for it's rules. ONly if people understand that Islam is not only a religion its a complete way of life. A daily guidelines for people to follow. The blind will never see the truth.
Aqib's picture
by Aqib (not verified) on
India should allow the implementation of sharia law only then will these crimes be eradicated


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