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Cobrapost's Operation Blue Virus: Is Narendra Modi's popularity on social media real?

DC Online | November 29, 2013, 22.11 pm IST

New Delhi: Social media is no longer a trusted measure for popularity, especially at the time of polls. Likes can be manipulated and fake friends are readily available. That has been been exposed by Cobrapost, which recently revealed Gujarat police snooping on a young woman at the behest of Amit Shah, BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi's aide.

In a long undercover operation, codenamed Operation Blue Virus, Cobrapost has exposed how IT professionals manipulate following on Facebook and Twitter and add fake friends belonging to the  community of one's choice.. Even building negative publicity against a politicall leader or a party is no big deal.

Cobrapost sting work of Congress' dirty tricks department: BJP

Everything comes for a price and it has to be paid in cash.

IT firms manipulate social media for poll campaign: Cobrapost

Cobrapost Associate Editor Syed Masroor Hasan approached over two dozen IT companies seeking to launch his master Netaji's image building exercise on social media before the Assembly polls and destroy his opponent's reputation.

Surprisingly, the companies were ready to do everything: generating lakhs of fake following Facebook, Twitter, not allowing negative comment to appear on the page and a community wise popularity with fake profiles of Muslims.

Sushilkumar Shinde endorses Cobrapost expose on IT companies

As for destroying the reputation of the opponent was considered, the companies would hack into the computers of other individuals for posting defamatory content using their IPs and they had a to circumvent TRAI regulations on mass SMS. And every publicity video would go viral.

Congress again moves EC against Modi's 'poisonous' remark

Many of these practices constitute a crime under the ambit of existing laws such as the Indian Penal Code, the Information Technology Act 2000, the Income Tax Act 1961 and the Representation of the People Act 1951. But, who cares?

One Abhishek Kumar, who is also working for Campaign Modi on social media, is planning to make a defamatory content on Rahul Gandhi to go viral on social media a few days before elections.

Picture of Narendra Modi with 'Madhuri' out

Operation Blue Virus also reveals BJP is leading from the front in its social media campaign, if the claims of the companies exposed are to be believed, so is its Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, with scores of companies working overtime for him.

According to Trikam Patel of Traims, investigated by Cobrapost, 3 per cent income of IT companies of Bangalore is coming from this kind of political work and BJP is contributing the major share.

Congress to be blamed for rift among states: Modi

To quote Patel, again: “If some news channel comes to know of this that the ministers are doing their marketing using all these shady methods, they will lose the trust of the public.”

There are some IT professionals like Bipin Pathare, who are capable of exploding a bomb. Pathare told Hasan:  "Praveen Jara won here … you know what we did … there were some Muslim votes in a locality … we knew Muslims will not cast vote in his favour … there were 60 per cent Muslim votes … you know what we did … we created a riot … exploded there a little hand bomb taking help from their own fellows … nobody among the community ventured out … their 60 per cent vote was secured thus … we have all these kinds of strategy.”


Snooping: Of Bengaluru's mystery woman and Narendra Modi

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Sunjay's picture
by Sunjay (not verified) on
Social media is dominated by brahmins, who are biggest opponents of Modi. His real fans are poor and backward caste people.
Khangress Media's picture
by Khangress Media (not verified) on
Same typical paid media. Modi bashing by cobra and Telehka who are at the service of there khangressi political founders / share holders. Media has to be neutral. Why they dont do any sting on 2G , coal , adarsh .... and on a Editor who molested his subordinate in goa.. ;-)
Ashok Upadhyay's picture
by Ashok Upadhyay (not verified) on
Narendra Modi is a Brand in it self , and not confine with caste & creed + Rich & Poor . Courtesy Social Print & Electronic Media along with his own Persona make him BRAND INDIA. His Approach towards any problem / Issue is different. His Aggressive & Positive attitude impress people at large, In Hindi it is said - Hathi Chalta hai to Kuttey Bhaoutey hai hence all on going Allegation & in pipeline to come shall not STOP Strom by Name NAMO.
India is My Country's picture
by India is My Country (not verified) on
@Sanjay: I would encourage you better check the facts right.. indeed, don't you really know that what you said is incorrect?
Netizen's picture
by Netizen (not verified) on
I am not sure whether the comments to this story are by genuine netizens or paid trolls :P
Kishor Ghanekar's picture
by Kishor Ghanekar (not verified) on
Modi is the leader who can make us feel INDIANS again. He can stand against Pakis, China, Russia, US. India is sold PC by PC by Sonia and this must stop.South has the key to save India. We can't prefer local and narrow interests against our national interest. We are broken into pics on various grounds. It is the youth that has to stand up. Corruption is not the only concern. The main concern is the defense of our security, integrity and defense of our Indian culture. Congress is using so called secularism to hurt India. How can we demand that that secularism is A must for Hindus and option for the rest. Secularism is a two way street.


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