Hyderabad awash with Tricolor on rooftops

Hyderabad: Some people displayed their pride in their country by wearing it on their sleeves, and many others did so by flying the Tricolour from their rooftops and balconies.

Never have so many Tricolours fluttered triumphantly throughout the city. People from all walks of life were eagerly flying the Tricolour at their houses, hotels, temples, and eateries and places of worship, indicating a wave of support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's appeal for the "Har Ghar Tiranga” to celebrate 75 years of independence.

The GHMC is distributing the Tricolour as part of the state government’s Swatantra Bharatha Vajrotsavam. Sales of the National Flag have soared, and there was a rising demand for the Tricolour made of satin, according to traders. A wholesaler from Begum Bazaar who has been supplying National Flags for three decades said he has never before experienced such a high demand.

Representatives from the government presented the first flag to Chilkur Balaji temple, also known as Visa Balaji Temple, on the outskirts of the city. Temple's chief priest, C.S. Rangarajan, said, "It is a proud moment for every citizen of India, as the Flag is being installed on the 'gopuram' of this temple. We congratulate the government for taking up such a wonderful initiative.”

"We are a combined family of 24 members, it was a proud moment for all of us. The Flag should be held high in honour as it is the symbol of national pride. This is the time for us to showcase our affection and patriotism for India,” Abdul Saleem Khan, a resident of King Koti, said.

"In our neighbourhood, the Tricolour has been displayed in each home by all Christian families. We teach our kids about the hardship that freedom fighters went through to rid India of British rule,” said Shanker Luke, a prominent member of the Christian community and a resident of Ramnagar.

While remembering the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters, Arnaz Bisney, a Zoroastrian community member and resident of Bowenpally, stated that the people of the nation should comprehend the essence and concept of secular India that our forefathers strove to achieve. “We have the Tricolour flying on our homes. Every Indian feels a sense of pride as they hoist the Tiranga to commemorate the country's 75 years of independence,” Arnaz Bisney said.

Jignesh Doshi, president of the Gujarati Society, said their community members, educational institutions, business establishments have hoisted the flag to mark the 75th Independence Day celebrations.

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