Routine is key

Celebrity fitness trainer Shivoham aka Dheepesh Bhatt shares easy ways to upgrade your mornings 
He has trained some of the biggest stars and is most recognised for Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor’s beastly body transformation in Animal.

While it’s common to attribute a great physique to intensive workouts, Shivoham asserts that the secret lies in consistency. “Follow a simple weight training programme for at least 3 to 4 times a week, and much like most things in life, take on a fitness activity you’re really keen on. Be assured that you will stay true to yourself all through,” he says.

Doable fitness tips

1) Start waking up closer to sunrise.

2) Get in three proper solid meals, preferably at the same time every day.

3) Follow a simple weight training programme at least 3 to 4 times a week.

4) Some form of breath work is practiced every day.

5) Wake up and go to bed, thanking the universe for all the good in your life.

Workout exercises without equipments

1) Push-ups: They have their variations for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Works the upper body muscles.

2) Squats: They work the lower body, and, depending on your level of fitness, you can challenge yourself with different variations.

3) Planks: Work your core beautifully. Much like squats and push-ups, you can add complexity to the movements as you keep moving forward and making progress.

Diet & exercise

1) Focus on protein: a minimum of 1 g of protein per pound of lean weight or goal weight if you are overweight.

2) Calories matter: quantity and their source.

3) Once you have sorted out the protein, go for complex carbs during the morning, slightly less complex carbs during the day, and less dense carbs at night. Try not to have a major chunk of carbs around your workout time.

4) Fats can be just as much as you use for cooking.

5) Pre-workout meals and post-workout meals are super important. This will make sure you have the right kind of food at the right time.

6) Be aware of how much you eat and where that is taking you towards your goal. Tweak things accordingly. Get to know yourself. No one size fits all.


1) Supplements are somewhat essential, but it also depends on your level of fitness, your goals, and also how well your nutrition is.

2) People who train consistently with a specific goal in mind, with moderate to high intensity levels, will need supplements to help with recovery, growth, and overall well-being.


1) Justify your goal in your head.

2) Make sure to make it a priority.

3) Do it because you want to, not because you are trying to prove something to someone else.

A fitness journey

1) The journey is super important, but every day must be a win.

2) The goal is also important, and the numbers don't lie; they keep you motivated towards the goal.

3) If someone is not seeing the results in spite of consistency,then it’s definitely time to review and reassess the programme and their nutrition levels.

4) Plateaus are a common part of training. As the person gets more advanced, the results come about more slowly, and hence things need to be tweaked, but that doesn't mean they need to be made harder; sometimes we might have to tone it down.


1) ‘Only cardio will make you lose weight.’ -wait, what?

2) ‘Weight training will make me bulky (women).’

3) ‘Muscle is overrated; I don’t need to be muscular, just toned’. It makes me laugh every time someone says that.


1) Gourd and other veggies from the same family.

2) Amla, wheat grass, and aloe vera juice.

3) Dahi.

Favourite clients

“All my celeb clients have been extremely professional and committed towards fitness, which in turn has made the entire process a lot more joyful than it being merely transactional. However, if I were to list down each of their strengths, it would be: 1) Amitji: routine and discipline, and Ranbir (Kapoor) for his punctuality. I’m currently working with Ram Charan, and I’m quite impressed by his consistency and determination to show up every day, irrespective of how long his shoot days are.”

Everyday habits

1) Incorporate pranayama or meditation (spiritual practice). The timing doesn't matter. Just do it every day for as long as you can.

2) Be in sync with the circadian rhythms.

3) Consistency in training and food routine is the key.


The strictest diet

Victoria Beckham, a pop diva turned fashion designer, has followed a same diet as Jen for the past 25 years!

David Beckham, the former Spice Girl’s husband, revealed her eating habits, sharing that she has maintained a sample-size figure for almost two decades.

David, a foodie and amateur cook, stated on River Cafe Table 4 podcast, “I get quite emotional about food and wine; when I’m eating something great, I want everyone to try it. Unfortunately, I’m married to someone who has eaten the same thing for the last 25 years. Since I met her, she only eats grilled fish and steamed vegetables; she will very rarely deviate from that.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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