12 Best Juices for Weight Loss

If you want to get rid of your excess weight, then you are in the right place as here you\'ll learn about the 12 best juices that will help you lose weight

If you are on a weight loss journey, you may have tried intermittent fasting, the keto diet, and those strenuous physical exercises. People are ready to go the extra mile just to shed a few pounds. You don’t have to do that. While a strict diet and proper exercise routine can keep you fit, they can be very challenging for people with a busy schedule. Besides, who likes to skip their meals and avoid their favorite cheesy foods when you can lose weight in a better, safer, and
much healthier way? We are talking about the many homemade healthy juices for weight loss.Let’s see how you should use fruit juice for weight loss and other juices to see changes in your weight.

Can Juices Help in Weight Loss?

Drinking juices alone won’t help burn belly fat or reduce overall weight. Your body burns fat by using it for energy. So, the best way to lose weight is by practicing exercises for weight loss and following a healthy weight loss diet. Juices can be part of your weight loss diet, though. However, drinking juices regularly has proven to be a great way to eat fewer calories daily. It promotes the feeling of satiety. Fruit juices, especially, are loaded with many essential vitamins and minerals that keep you full for hours while providing your body with all the right nutrients for energy.

There are many homemade, fresh juices made of organic ingredients for weight loss. You can add spices, lemon, and other fruits to add flavors. Below we have listed the 12 best fruit juices for weight loss. Let’s check out these juices and tips for preparation.

12 Best Juices for Weight Loss

Fortunately, there are plenty of juices that you can try at home that can help you bring down significant weight. We have collected the top 12 such juices for your knowledge. So, let’s check them out:

1. Pomegranate Orange Juice

Pomegranate is an excellent source of fiber for your body. It’s also great for your skin, as it contains antioxidants and other skin nourishing properties that help retain the skin glow. Also, pomegranate contains polyphenols and linoleic acid that promote weight loss.

One full glass of pomegranate juice can boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite. This refreshing and low-calorie drink has many other health benefits. You can also use this drink as a replacement for those sugar-laden beverages. Even if it doesn’t cut your belly fat, you can count on this drink to reduce your calorie intake significantly. It is much better and healthier than carbonated drinks.

How to Prepare

● Take two pomegranates and remove the crop (the top, hard layer of the fruit and cut it into four pieces).
● You need its red seeds to prepare the juice.
● Remove the white membrane and put these seeds into a blender
● Blend for 20-30 seconds and strain the juice
● You can add a few drops of lemon to add flavor, although that’s totally optional.

Pomegranate alone tastes delicious.

2. Green Juice

As the name suggests, this weight loss juice recipe is filled with all the green leafy vegetables. It contains six ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that do wonders for your digestive system and immunity. For this recipe, you can use spinach, celery, green apple, ginger, cucumber, and mint.

How to Prepare

● Put half cucumber, a green apple, half tbsp ginger, a few spinach leaves, and a few fresh mints leaves in a juicer or blender
● Blend until all ingredients are mixed
● Extract the juice into a jar

If you are looking for a healthy homemade drink that can reduce your hunger pangs and keep you away from unhealthy snacks, a glass of green juice is worth a shot.

3. Carrot Juice

Carrot is one of the most consumer-friendly vegetables. Add it to smoothies, salads, and whichever food you like, and it will bring the best of your dish. Carrots contain a high concentration of fiber and low calories. High fiber in carrots ensures faster digestion, better immunity, and improved metabolism. Just one glass of this vegetable juice in the evening is enough to keep you full until dinner. Carrots also contain potassium, manganese, and other essential vitamins that offer several health benefits while keeping your weight in check.

How to Prepare

● Put 1-2 carrots in a blender
● Add a couple of gingers and one apple
● Blend these ingredients well

4. Cabbage Juice

If you have digestive problems, cabbage juice is there for your rescue. Many people claim that drinking cabbage juice regularly boosts their metabolism and keeps their gut happy. Cabbage promotes weight loss by eliminating waste faster and keeping your digestive system clean. Like carrot and pomegranate, cabbage is rich in fiber and is thus great for burning fat. Featuring a high fiber count, cabbage juice keeps you full for hours and prevents binge-eating. Despite
being rich in fiber, cabbage doesn’t contain calories. In fact, the low-calorie count is the reason why cabbage juice is considered your go-to drink for weight loss.

How to Prepare

● Chop half the cabbage and put it in the blender
● Add a half cup of water
● Blend at a low speed for 2 minutes and then increase the speed gradually
● Add lime and orange for flavor
● Strain the juice to remove pulp and put it in a refrigerator

You can also add cabbage to your salads and smoothies if you don’t like juices. It offers the same benefits.

5. Watermelon Juice

Full of potassium, watermelon is your best possible way to get rid of hunger pangs and promote the feeling of fullness. 100 grams of watermelon contain only 30 calories. 90% of the fruit is water, so it keeps you hydrated and full for a really long time. It can also melt belly fat, although watermelon alone won’t work. To reap its benefits, you need to combine this juicy drink with physical exercise and a low-calorie diet. It is rich in arginine, an amino acid that helps in weight loss. If you want to burn your belly fat or calories quickly, try this recipe twice a day.

How to Prepare

● Cut watermelon into two pieces and remove its hard layer
● Grab a spoon and take big chunks of this juicy fruit
● Put them into a blender
● Use a strain if the watermelon is heavily seeded
● Add a few drops of lemon juice

Garnish it with mint leaves and a slice of lemon, and serve it chilled.

6. Orange Juice

Your favorite orange juice does much more than satisfy your hunger pangs. Replace all those fizzy cola drinks with fresh, homemade orange juice and enjoy its plethora of health benefits. Rich in vitamin C and many healthy nutrients, orange offers a host of health benefits. Vitamin C is good for weight loss, as it boosts your metabolism and helps burn calories and fat. The ideal time to drink orange juice is before your meals, preferably on an empty stomach. You can also
use it as your evening snack or a morning drink.

How to prepare

● Take 2-3 oranges and peel them
● Put them in a blender and extract the juice
● You don’t have to add anything, as orange itself has a very delicious flavor
● Just strain the juice to get the pulp out.

7. Pineapple Juice

Vibrant, juicy, and decently sweet fruit, pineapple is people’s favorite for a good reason. Pineapple is rich in bromelain, an enzyme that helps burn belly fat. As hard as it is to peel a pineapple, the fruit tastes delicious. You can eat it alone, but pineapple juice tastes better and has more health benefits for you. The fruit also improves your digestive system, flushes out all the toxins from your digestive tract, thus helping in weight loss. Like orange juice, pineapple
homemade juice is delicious and doesn’t need any additional ingredients for flavor.

How to Prepare

● Take one pineapple, peel it, and cut it into smaller pieces
● Put these pieces in a blender and blend them until you get a good consistency
● If the consistency feels thicker, add a few tbsps of water

● Strain the juice
● Pour it into a glass

It’s also a great drink for your guests. Add ice cubes and serve it with mint and pineapple toppings.

8. Kiwi and Lemon grass

In addition to being an excellent fat cutter, lemon grass is very good for your skin and hair health. Featuring a high concentration of vitamin C and antioxidants, lemon grass and kiwi are rich in properties that help improve your digestion and boost metabolism, which in turn burns fat faster. Kiwi is one of the great foods for people looking for weight loss tips. Low calories, a reasonable amount of fiber, and a high concentration of water make Kiwi your best homemade juice for weight loss. You can use it with lemongrass and mint to make a refreshing drink.

How to Prepare

● Take a jar, fill it with water, and add a few kiwi slices
● Put lemon grass sticks and some mint
● Stir all the ingredients thoroughly so that they don’t sit at the bottom
● Close the lid and keep it overnight to let all these ingredients soak into the water

Those who drink sodas should replace them with this fresh drink.

9. Strawberry Cucumber Juice

Strawberry and cucumber juice creates a detoxifying drink that doesn’t only feel refreshing but is loaded with many health perks. It makes you feel full, so you don’t crave junk food or unhealthy snacks. It is a delicious summer recipe for people on a weight loss journey. You can add apples and carrots to the drink to increase the fiber content.

● Peel a cucumber and put it in a blender
● Add 4-5 strawberries
● Extract its juice and add a few drops of lemon

Serve it with mint and strawberry toppings. This recipe creates a fresh, detoxifying drink that will flush all those harmful toxins out and keep you full.

10. Raspberry and Watermelon Juice

Two of the most delicious fruits, watermelon and raspberry, are people’s favorites. Each fruit contains a lot of fiber and makes a very refreshing drink that can keep you full for long. Raspberry slows digestion, meaning it keeps the food longer and thus reduces your hunger pangs. It boosts your metabolism rate and helps in weight loss. We have already mentioned the benefits of watermelon for weight loss. These two ingredients are great for your health.

How to prepare

● Mix watermelon and raspberries in a blender
● Add some lime to balance the sweetness
● Serve it with mint toppings

11. Beetroot Juice

To keep you full for longer, you need foods rich in fiber. Like other foods mentioned above, beetroot is a great source of fiber and many essential nutrients that promote weight loss. The juice contains low calories, making it ideal for those looking for fruit juice to shed those extra pounds. A 100ml juice has only 35 calories, making it a great replacement for carbonated drinks. You can make beetroot juice with vegetables and fruits. Here’s the most popular and easy-to-make recipe for this weight loss drink.

How to prepare

● Take 1 chopped apple
● Two cups of beetroots (diced)
● Add them to a blender
● Sprinkle cinnamon powder to add a flavor
● Extract the juice
● Serve it with mint toppings

You can also sprinkle some salt and black pepper.

12. Blackberry Juice

Those who are on a low-carb diet but have a sweet tooth should try this homemade fruit juice recipe to satisfy their hunger pangs. Loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants, this fresh and delicious fruit juice is as yummy as it looks. Add soy milk, watermelon, and pineapple to give it a fiber boost.

How to Prepare

● Throw fresh or frozen berries into a blender
● Add small chopped pieces of pineapple and a banana
● Add spinach
● Blend these ingredients well and extract the juice

Serve it with a lemon slice or berries topping.


These were the best juices for weight loss. Each recipe is pretty simple and requires ingredients that are readily available in most kitchens. You can start small — with orange juice and try different recipes every week. We are sure these juices will help keep you full for long, thus reducing your hunger pangs and shedding those extra pounds. All the best.

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