Drink up to detox

Made the right way, these “detox cocktails” will help flush out toxins from your system

Everyone’s becoming more and more conscious about their eating and drinking habits. While it is fine to indulge a little bit, it is also essential to keep a watch on the intake of food and drinks. Food with little or no preservatives and drinks with fewer or no artificial flavours are preferable.

It is in this scenario that detox drinks are becoming increasingly popular. You can give these a unique twist by mixing alcohol with fruit juices and natural antioxidants to create “detox cocktails”. It’s a perfect blend of taste, nutrition and alcohol.

Detox in itself means to cleanse the system by eating and drinking right. What is vital, is striking a balance and consuming healthier options. Detox cocktails have their own benefits and flush out toxins lurking in the body by keeping you hydrated, and the blend of fruits in the drink make it not just healthy but also tasty.

Detox drinks/cocktails should preferably be high on vitamins and other organic nutrients that contain antioxidants. Generally, a detox drink might comprise apple juice, bitter gourd juice, orange juice, cucumber, mint, lemon grass, etc. These ingredients can be combined with green tea or any other kind of flavoured/infused tea, honey and Indian spices to make it tastier and healthier. Other ingredient options include lemon juice, pineapple juice, coconut water, Malibu, rock salt and cumin seeds. The alcohol ratio varies from cocktail to cocktail.

There is no specific time or season to have detox cocktails. Have one if you are feeling tired after a long day, replacing dehydrating beverages like coffee or soda, or sip on a hot summer day.

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A glassful of detox: Here are some recipes for detox cocktails; experiment a little with the measurements of ingredients until you get the taste exactly to your liking.


Drink: Energise
Ingredients: Gin, cucumber, mint and lemon grass-infused water.
Method: Muddle the cucumber and mint in a tall Boston glass. Add ice and rest of the ingredients. Shake it and strain in highball glass. Garnish it with some more
mint leaves.


Drink: Care
Ingredients: Vodka, mint leaves, cumin seed and fresh pineapple juice.
Method: Muddle the mint leaves and cumin seeds in Boston glass. Add vodka and ice and shake it well. Strain it into highball glass and add fresh pineapple juice on top. Garnish it with a slice of pineapple.


Drink: Caribbean Yard
Ingredients: Vanilla vodka, Malibu and fresh coconut water.
Method: Mix all ingredients together and stir it well and pour it into a hurricane glass with crushed ice. Garnish it with a vanilla stem.


Drink: Carrot Collins
Ingredients: Vodka, carrot juice, lime juice, and rock salt.
Method: Mix all ingredients together and shake well with ice and pour it into a Tom Collins glass with more crushed ice and rock salt. Garnish with a pinch of rock salt.


Drink: Golden Sunrise
Ingredients: Vodka, green tea, fresh orange juice, honey and lime juice.
Method: Mix all ingredients except green tea and shake in a tall Boston glass. Then pour the drink in a highball glass and fill it up with green tea. Garnish it with a slice of orange.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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