Go down the Nile and back in time

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Reuben Kataria, who is the GM at JW Marriott Hotel, is a passionate photographer, which he combines with his love for travel.

Photograph by Reuben Kataria

Art and photography come together as part of the Art Indulgence Weekend, by Asian Art House and JW Marriott. Take a walk down memory lane with art work by Shaun Heffernan, who showcases his rendition of people who have inspired him, from Elvis Presley to John Lennon, Charlie Chaplin to Marilyn Monroe and Freddy Mercury. There is also a selection of photography by Reuben Kataria and Porus Khareghat, both of whom pursue photography as a passion and a hobby. The show, Bon Voyage, is a specially curated collection that combines both art and photography, marking the first anniversary of Art@L1 at the JW Marriott Hotel, Bengaluru. "Vijit Pillai provides stunning renditions of Italy and a touch of Greece," says Rajt Mittra, Art Curator, Art @ L1.

Reuben Kataria, who is the GM at JW Marriott Hotel, is a passionate photographer, which he combines with his love for travel. His collection, 'Cradle of Civilisation', is a celebration of the mighty River Nile, which has been the source of life and livelihood in Egypt for over 5000 years. "I have focused on the great river and the spirited men who earn from it," says Kataria. "I have tried to capture the beauty of the Nile and the struggles of the common man through my photography." The other exhibits capture Tanoura, th Sufi Dance. "it's different from any other form, for the dancer wears a very heavy skirt and turns more than a 1000 times in less than 10 minutes," he explains.

 'Serpentine Wilderness - road to after life', is one of Kataria's favourites, showcasing the limestone mountains that house the Valley of Kings and Queens. The photograph, he says, was taken from a hot air balloon. "It's special to me because I have a fear of heights. I remember not daring to look out for the first 10 minutes of the flight. I mustered courage by looking through the lens. Some of the other shots have been taken from the Nile ship, sailing along the beautiful river," he adds.

 Vijit Pillai's European Journeys is inspired by the places he visited when he was 17 and the art he saw there. Italy, he says, left the most lasting impression, with its art, architecture, culinary history and its contribution to the Renaissance. "The art and sculpture I came across during my first visit to Italy, the works of Michelangelo and some of the places I visited in Rome are my inspirations. "I created this series from my private collection of photographs, which I took on this visit. The most striking piece of art I saw was Michelan-gelo's Pieta and this collection has two impressions of the sculpture. There is also one of my favourite piazzas in Rome - Piazza Navana, where I dined regularly at  a well-known restaurant called Tres Scalini," Pillai recalls.

What: Bon Voyage
When & Where: November 16 and 17 at Art @L1, JW Marriott Hotel, Vittal Mallya Rd, KG Halli, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar