GTA Detroit Hosts Electrifying Ladies Night Celebrating International Women’s Day

Vibrant celebration in Detroit as women don various avatars, showcasing strength, resilience, and shared sisterhood

Update: 2024-03-08 12:09 GMT

The vibrant city of Detroit came alive with an electrifying energy. The occasion being the much-anticipated Ladies Night, hosted by Global Telangana Association (GTA)-Vanitha, the women’s wing of the frontal Telangana association in USA boasting of chapters in over 55 countries worldwide, to celebrate the ensuing International Women’s Day. Showcasing its commitment to inspiring inclusion and empowerment of women, the GTA Detroit hosted the event at the Farmington Hills Manor, here on Saturday.

More than just a soiree, the event featured an uplifting program that embodied the campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2024, “Inspire Inclusion.” The association avowed to inspire its members to strive for a more inclusive world for women. Around 350 women members gathered on Saturday evening to celebrate their success and accomplishments in life as mothers, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

As the sun dipped below the skyline, these women resplendent in their finest attire, converged at the venue. The air buzzed with anticipation, and the venue shimmered with excitement, the women, donning various avatars – mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and professionals, were about to embark on a memorable journey. The Night was a canvas that painted the intricate tapestry of women’s lives. Balancing work and family, they treaded the tightrope with grace and elan.

US District Judge, Ms. Shalina D Kumar, who was the chief guest, reflected on the remarkable contribution and the progress the Indian women made to the society, economy and the cultures around the world. She exhorted the diverse gathering not to rest on their laurels and strive for more inclusive environment.

“As we celebrate the resilience, strength and achievements of women in all walks of life, let’s not forget that the journey towards gender equality and achieving equity for women is far from over. We must confront and dismantle all the barriers that continue to hold women back from getting their opportunities. Let’s pledge to amplify the voices of women, advocate for their rights and create inclusive spaces for them to thrive,” she said as she spoke of shattering glass ceilings and the power of persistence.

Life coach and motivational speaker Prof. Padmaja Nandigama, who was the keynote speaker, said, “given the many hats women wear, every day is a women’s day. She urged women to do everyday things with the four Ps – Passion, Purpose, Positivity and Persistence – as the Psychology teacher’s voice was balm, soothing frayed nerves and igniting hope.

The occasion also saw the unveiling of hidden glamour. The runway came alive during the fashion show as women strutted their stuff, showcasing not just their designer ensembles but also their inner strength. The culinary delights that followed was a feast to senses. The aroma of spices hung in the air as sumptuous Indian delicacies graced the buffet tables. From fragrant biryani to crispy chat masala, the food was a love letter to tradition as women savoured every bit.

Hearts unleashed with singing and dancing. The stage vibrated with rhythm as the DJ Team belted out soulful melodies. The voices echoed tales of love, loss and resilience. When the beats quickened, the ladies danced, their inhibitions cast aside.

As the clock struck midnight, the Ladies Night drew to a close, but the memories lingered. The women who wore many hats had shed them all for a few hours, let their hair down, quite literally, and reveled in their shared sisterhood.

Singer Srikanth Sandugu and anchor Sahitya Vinjamuri cast a huge spell on the audience with their talents.

The event was planned and pulled off impeccably within a short time of three weeks by the committee mainly consisting of Sushma Padukone, Swapna Chintapalli, Suma Kalvala, Deepthi Venukadasula, Deepthi Lachireddygari, Harshini Beerapu, Arpitha Bhumireddy, Kalyani Atmakur, Dr Amitha Kakulavaram and Shirisha Reddy among others.

Sushma Padukone and Suma Kalvala said GTA vanitha teams across the USA are planning women’s day events in the coming weeks. The duo thanked GTA leadership including its chairman, Vishweshwar Kalavala, and President, Praveen Kesireddy, GTA executive and Board of Trustees for their support in making the event a grand success.


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