The angry young women of filmdom

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More and more people in the cine world are finding the courage to expose the underbelly of the celluloid world, DC talks to some of them

(L) Actress Khushboo with actress Hansika Motwani (Instagram)

Political correctness is the name of the survival game in Tinseltown. But the recent spate of declarations by the likes of Kangana Ranaut have set in motion a process of change.

More film stars, especially women, are speaking up against all kinds of disparity and discrimination.  We speak to a few women from the industry on the situation.


It's essential to speak up for those who need us and against any kind of prejudice. But it is as important to not sensationalise issues for the sake of sensationalism. It's easy to assume the worst, but careful thinking and reacting is important. There is no need to make absurd claims to get attention. But the flip side also is not OK - to shove things under the carpet.  

Shakthi Girish

I'm glad to see the industry evolve in such interesting ways. More people are able to tap into their voices and seek their genuine place in terms of pay and placement on promotional material; and also, women are in a position where they can ask for script modifications.  

Radikaa Sarathkumar  

The job of representing stars and cine folk was earlier left to associations and industry bodies. But not any longer. Individuals have started finding ways to ask for help, protest and lobby, because the bodies are defunct. Our focus as members of the cine family is reach out to as much as possible and help those who have been served injustice.  


As a young professional, I've found that there's good and bad in every industry. The cinema industry has welcomed me and given me so much love and respect. When there are issues, I feel we must communicate and not blow it out of proportion and draw unnecessary attention.