We are planning to make Jagga a franchise, will be back with a sequel: Ranbir

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He revealed that the actor will miss his character Jagga and Katrina’s Shruti as they have stayed with them for three years.

Ranbir Kapoor in a still from 'Jagga Jasoos' trailer. The film's promotional activities created a lot of hype because the lead duo has reportedly come together after their alleged break-up in January 2016.

Mumbai: When Ranbir Kapoor decided to wear the producer’s hat for Anurag Basu’s detective-musical ‘Jagga Jasoos’ his fans went berserk. But in an interview with a popular daily, the actor revealed that his heart is not in production work, his plans of converting ‘Jagga…’ in to a franchise and why his character will always resonate with him, always.

Talking about his biggest takeaway from this film that took three years to be made and even longer to finalise a release date, the ‘Rockstar’ actor told the daily, “Beyond Jagga, of course me and Katrina will stay in touch. But going back to the film, as Shruti and Jagga, we have stayed with them for three and a half years. So, if these characters are loved and people really take to this character, then we will miss them more and will come back with a sequel as we are trying to make this as a franchise and hopefully we will receive that kind of love and acceptance for us to take this forward.”

Although Ranbir comes from the family of legendary filmmaker late Raj Kapoor and some excellent actors like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Karishma Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor and Risha Kapoor, to name a few, filmmaking does not come naturally to him. Explaining the responsibilities that tag along with producing a film, Ranbir said, “No nothing like that. I don’t take that kind of pressure or responsibility. Anurag Basu and me wanted to collaborate again after Barfi. And we just thought we have an idea that we both love and this is a universal film, so we just decided to produce it.”

Anurag Basu, who Ranbir had collaborated with in 2012-released ‘Barfi’, thinks that both the films—Jagga Jasoos and Barfi—are different in terms of content and the characters portrayed by the lead actors. “It’s very different. You might be finding the film’s texture similar, especially after looking at the trailer and songs, but the characters are extremely different. Barfi was predominantly a silent film while Jagga is musical. My character in this film stammers, that’s why he sings,” said the ‘Tamasha’ actor.

Distributed by Disney India, ‘Jagga Jasoos’ is releasing on July 14 and the film, Ranbir asserts, is very much like ‘fairytales’ that Disney is renowned for. “Beauty and The Beast, Bambi, Sleeping Beauty… All these films stayed with me. They stayed with me as a child and even now they entertain us. Jagga Jasoos is in the same genre. It will entertain the audience just like Disney films,” he said.