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Gravest threat: Modi presents action agenda at G20 to counter terrorism

Published Jul 7, 2017, 5:56 pm IST
Updated Jul 7, 2017, 7:45 pm IST
The PM's 11-point action agenda included banning entry of leaders of countries supporting terrorism to G-20 nations.
PM Narendra Modi made the lead statement at G20 Leaders' Retreat in Hamburg, Germany. In Picture: US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. (Photo: Twitter/MEA India)
 PM Narendra Modi made the lead statement at G20 Leaders' Retreat in Hamburg, Germany. In Picture: US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. (Photo: Twitter/MEA India)

Hamburg: Prime Minister Narendra Modi voiced concern over terrorism while making the lead statement at G20 Leaders' Retreat in Hamburg, Germany, on Friday.

He also presented an 11-point action agenda for counter-terrorism even as he stated the need to strengthen inter-governmental cooperation among the G-20 nations.


Modi termed terrorism as the gravest threat to humanity and said, "Terrorism is the biggest challenge that we are facing today. I thank German Chancellor Angela Merkel for choosing this topic."

The prime minister was the lead speaker on the theme of 'Fighting Terrorism' at the Leaders' Retreat. He said that be it Daesh or al-Qaeda in the Middle East, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed or the Haqqani network in the South Asia or the Boko Haram in Nigeria, they are all guided by the same ideology hatred and manslaughter.


Modi's 11-point action agenda included deterrent action against countries supporting terrorism and banning entry of leaders of such countries to the G20 nations; exchange of suspected terrorist list among the G20 nations and joint action against them and to simplify and expedite extradition and other legal processes.

The list further included adoption of comprehensive convention on international terrorism, implementation of United Nations Security Council resolutions and other international process, joint efforts for best practices in de-radicalisation programmes by G20 nations and closure of terrorist financing sources through FATF (Financial Action Task Force).


He also called for the creation of an Explosive Action Task Force in the lines of FATF that could crackdown on the sources of supply of arms and ammunitions to terror outfits.

Other points included in the list were G20 cooperation in cyber-security and to establish a mechanism for National Security Advisors on counter-terrorism in G20 nations.

The G20 Summit began on Friday in the port city as world leaders assembled to discuss fight against terrorism and ways to improve open trade.

Earlier on Friday, Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping had a conversation on a "range of issues" during the BRICS leaders' informal meeting amid a standoff between the armies of the two countries in the Sikkim section.


Xi also praised India’s strong resolve against terrorism and momentum in BRICS, introduced under India's Chairmanship.

Modi on the other, said, "there has been positive momentum in BRICS under chairmanship of President Xi Jinping, best wishes to him for upcoming BRICS Summit".

"BRICS has been a strong voice and needs to show leadership on terrorism and global economy," Modi said. He emphasised that the G20 should collectively oppose terrorism financing, franchises, safe havens, support and sponsors.

China and India have been engaged in a standoff in the Dokalam area near the Bhutan tri-junction for more than 19 days after a Chinese Army's construction party attempted to build a road.


Doka La is the Indian name for the region which Bhutan recognises as Dokalam, while China claims it as part of its Donglang region.

Earlier, China had 'cancelled' a sideline bilateral meet between Xi and Modi  saying that 'the atmosphere was not right', referring to tension stemming from the standoff.

However, India had responded by saying “But we did not ask for any meeting, so where is the question of atmosphere being conducive or not.”

Location: Germany, Hamburg, Hamburg