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Insanity workout can help you burn 1,000 calories an hour.

As the name implies, Insanity Workout is about going over the top and is one of the most challenging fitness programmes for the fitness freaks. Insanity is a total body workout that requires no gym or equipment and use your own body weight for resistance and use max interval training.These exercises are meant only for people who have been exercising for six months and for hard core fitness buffs. This insanity workout comprises of core and cardio exercises.

You have to perform these exercises till you get exhausted and then move on to the next exercise. Do it continuously for about three minutes with full body strength and rest for 30 seconds. You can do as many sets as your body allows of this circuit workout. Ideally about four circuits are recommended. You can modify any of these exercises according to your strength and progress further everytime.

—The writer is master trainer, Zen Sports & Fitness.

Suicide plank with lateral shuffle

Get in a plank position by resting your equal weight on the fore arms.
Now straighten your left hand and then your right hand to create a proper push- up position.
Move your right leg and then left leg then right hand and left hand laterally.
Again bend your left elbow and right elbow to create a regular plank.
Keep moving laterally two steps towards your right and left.
Repeat the same till you get exhausted.
Note: Make sure to keep your back flat without moving your glutes and keep your core tight.

Star Jump with toe touch

Stand in a wide leg stance raising your hands up in the air with a high V shape.
Jump up and squat down joining your feet together.
Simultaneously bring both the hands down and touch your toes with your finger tips.
Now jump up in the air, spreading your legs and arms to the starting position.
Repeat the same as fast as possible.
Note: Make sure to land on your toes and keep your spine neutral when you are squatting down.

Star JumpStar Jump

Single leg burpee with push-up

Start in a push-up position with a single leg lift.
Do a push-up while raising your leg up.
Pull the other leg close to your chest just like in a sitting position.
Jump up extending your arms over the head and come back to the original push-up position.
Repeat the same thing on alternate legs. Do as many and as fast as possible.
Please keep one leg in the air throughout all the repetitions.
Note: Jump high in the air and land softly on your toes. Single leg burpee with push-upSingle leg burpee with push-up

Swiss Ball Pull

Place both your feet shoulder width apart on the Swiss ball.
Keep both your hands on the floor in a push-up position.
Now, slowly pull your knee towards your chest and push it back to the original position.
Repeat the same as fast as possible with complete control till you are tired and cannot perform the next repetition.]

Swiss Ball PullSwiss Ball Pull

Note: Exhale while you’re pulling your knees. Tuck your tummy in and maintain a proper balance. Keep your glutes and back in a straight line.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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