Hard core & ab-tastic

If your fitness dream is to get a ripped, strong and athletic core, then this core blaster workout is designed just for you.

Perform these hard core exercises with the help of a fitness trainer and make sure you do a proper warm-up. You can do these exercises thrice a week. Adjust the weight and medicine ball according to your strength, and focus on keeping a proper form instead of doing more repetitions or using more weights. Use your abdomen muscles for each and every repetition.

— The writer is master trainer, Zen Sports and Fitness.

Medicine ball lateral throws
Grab a medicine ball and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, legs next to the wall.
Bring the ball next to your left knee in a squatting position.
Squeeze your abs and throw the ball laterally towards the wall.
When the ball bounces back, hold with both hands and squat down to starting position.
Repeat the same 15 times and switch to the other side and perform the same for 15 more repetitions.

Medicine ball lateral throws

Note: Perform four sets of 15 repetitions on each side. Make sure to use only abdominal muscles whenever you throw and catch the ball. Maintain a proper rhythmic motion. Exhale though throwing movement.

Oblique crunch with medicine ball
Lie on your back in a bent knee position, placing the medicine ball on your ankles.
Squeeze the stomach and lift your ankle with a bent knee.
Keep your hand behind your head, and lift your upper body about 30 degrees. Keep your elbows about 45 degree angle.
Slowly twist your upper body to the left side, till your elbow touches the floor and back to the starting position.
Now, slowly twist your upper body to the right, till your elbow touches the floor and back to the starting position.
Repeat the same 15 times, four sets each side, as slow as possible.

Oblique crunch with medicine ball

Note: Tuck your tummy in throughout the movement. Don't turn your lower body. Make sure ankles are parallel to the floor throughout the exercise. Exhale while twisting towards left and right sides.

Weighted jacket pike
Wear a weighted jacket of 4-5 kg.
Place both your feet about shoulder-width apart on the medium size Swiss ball.
Keep both your hands on the floor in a push-up position.
Slowly pull the Swiss ball towards your arms while raising your hip upwards.
Pause for two seconds at the top most position and back to the original position and stay for two seconds.
Repeat the same for 15 times of four sets.

Weighted jacket pike

Note: Brace your core. Make sure your glutes and naval are squeezed throughout the movement. Maintain a proper rhythmic movement.

Elbow roll on a Swiss ball
Place your elbow on a Swiss ball and keep your feet shoulder-width apart, as though you are in a regular plank.
Keep weighted plate on your back. Now slowly roll the Swiss ball about 4-5 inches forward and backward, using your elbow.
Continue to roll the ball for 30-45 seconds of four sets.

Note: Squeeze your glutes and abdominal muscles throughout the movement. Don't allow your abdomen to sag. Use your abdominal muscles to roll the Swiss ball using your elbows.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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