Daredevil selfie with speeding train injures Hyd man who ignored warnings

The man was hit by a speeding Multi-Modal Transport System train and was hospitalised with injures on his face.

Hyderabad: A young man, aiming for a daring selfie with a speeding Hyderabad Multi-Modal Transport System (MMTS) train with the help of the front camera of his smart phone, ended up in hospital on Monday after getting hit. The disturbing video has gone viral.

The man, Shiva, reportedly suffered head injuries.

In the video clip that emerged on Wednesday, the man in his early 20s smiles at his smartphone camera and kept his right arm pointed towards the approaching MMTS train. Someone was heard warning him but he was determined to carry on his daredevil act. The train's whistle got louder as it approached closer to the man and those watching the video can sense the danger, but Shiva looks ignorant.

The speeding train suddenly hits the man and the image goes blank after a loud sound. The audio, still on, indicates a commotion as people realise what happened and rush towards the injured man.

In the final moments of the video, the train appears to hit the man violently in the face as the video switches off.

Shiva seemed to have misjudged the impact of the train's speed.

The video comes a day after a Kashmiri man shoots a death-defying stunt in which he lies on a railway track while a speeding train passes over him. The video has taken the social media by storm, prompting calls for strict action to prevent it from becoming a trend.

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Reckless selfie-taking has caused a number of deaths in India in recent months. Taking selfies on moving trains, or with an approaching train is the most popular and perhaps the most dangerous stunt of them all.

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( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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