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Kannada actor Darshan: Did not assault anyone at my wife’s flat

Published Mar 13, 2016, 4:06 am IST
Updated Mar 13, 2016, 5:04 am IST
He was questioned for more than 30 minutes at the police station.
Actor Darshan at Banashankari Sub-Division ACP’s office at Tyagarajanagar police station in Bengaluru on Saturday
 Actor Darshan at Banashankari Sub-Division ACP’s office at Tyagarajanagar police station in Bengaluru on Saturday

BENGALURU: Kannada actor Darshan, against whom his wife Vijayalakshmi and a security guard have filed a complaint, appeared before the police and gave his statement. He reportedly told the police that he did not assault anyone when he went to the apartment, where his wife stays.

Darshan was questioned for more than 30 minutes and he was present in the Banashankari Sub Division ACP’s office, located at Tyagarajanagar police station, for nearly an hour. He left after submitting his statement.


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Though the case was registered with the Channammanakere Achukattu police, the police had asked him to come to the ACP’s office to avoid public attention. The actor arrived at the station at 11.55 am.

A large number of people had gathered at the station to see the actor. Many shouted slogans supporting the actor and the police dispersed them.

ACP Lokesh Kumar and inspector of C K Achukattu station questioned the actor about the events that unfolded on Tuesday evening, when he had gone to Prestige South Ridge apartment in Hosakerehalli, where his wife and son stay in a rented flat.


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“It’s true that I had gone to the apartment to my son at 7 pm on Saturday. The security guard did not let me inside. But I told him I want to meet my son and went in the lift. I reached flat no. 4154, where my wife lives. Though I rang the bell, nobody opened the door. Meanwhile, the guard again came to me and behaved in a rude manner, asking me to leave. They said nobody was inside the house. As he tried to touch me, I had to push him. After that I left the apartment. I did not assault anyone and I did not even meet my wife on that day. The allegations made by both are baseless,” an official said quoting Darshan.


The actor walked out of the station at 12.55 pm and headed to the house of Housing Minister and President of Artistes’ Association, Ambareesh, in J.P. Nagar.

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He was there for about 30 minutes and left without speaking to reporters.
Ambareesh told reporters that Darshan has explained everything to him and he would sort out the issue.

“He has expressed his feeling that he wants his son back. I will speak to his wife and have a meeting with the couple. We will sort it out amicably,” he added.


Meanwhile, DCP (South) B. S. Lokesh Kumar, said that the police would summon Vijayalakshmi and the security guard, Devaraj. “As per the procedure, we will call the complainants and update them about the case and Darshan’s version and close the case.”

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