Shocking! Reason this man was fired will leave you baffled

Home Depot employee loses job for violating company policy; he was saving a child from being kidnapped.

Dillon Reagan, a 32-year-old man from Portland Oregon just lost his job at Home Depot for violating company policy. Does not seem like much of a deal when hundreds of such firing must be happening each day. However, the reason he broke the rules which led to his termination will leave you baffled.

He was trying to stop a child from getting kidnapped!

Speaking about the incident, the now former mall employee says that the only thing that he was thinking at that point of time was the child’s safety. Dillon had worked at the Mall 205 for our years before he was bizarrely dismissed for his heroics.

Matters came to the fore, May 12, as Reagan was nearing the end of his shift at the Home Depot’s tool rental center when a co-worker alerted him to a disturbance in the parking lot.

According to Dillon, he saw a woman frantic and crying when he had stepped outside the mall. She was shouting and asking for help as someone was kidnapping her child.

Reagan and his colleague called a police and then on advice of the dispatcher, followed the man on foot until the police arrived. After submitting their statements Reagan said they returned to the store around 10 minutes later but the next day he was surprised when his supervisor scolded him for “doing the wrong thing.”

A month later the company fired him for breaking the company’s safety policy, and even though they’ve since reversed their decision (possibly in light of media attention), Reagan says he isn’t sure if he wants to reclaim his job given the unfair treatment he’s received.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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