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Ice ice baby! Chill out at Quebec's Hotel de Glace this winter

Published Jan 16, 2018, 2:11 pm IST
Updated Jan 16, 2018, 5:31 pm IST
From an ice bar to a wedding chapel, here's how you can experience snow in a whole new way.
Hotel de Glace is North America's only hotel made entirely out of snow. Photo Credit: All Images Provided by Hotel de Glace. © Dany Vachon
 Hotel de Glace is North America's only hotel made entirely out of snow. Photo Credit: All Images Provided by Hotel de Glace. © Dany Vachon

During winter, some parts of the world are transformed into a snowy wonderland that has captivated the imagination of many of us that don't get to experience such spectacular scenes.

Just recently, a frozen Niagara Falls in Canada had people braving the cold just to get a glimpse of the beautiful sight. Experiencing the magic of these ice crystals is surely on your bucket list if you aren't already planning a winter getaway. But if you are really looking to take your winter trip to the next level, why not visit a hotel made entirely out of snow?


Hotel de Glace has a peaceful ambiance with stunning winter decor. Credit: © Dany Vachon

For just three months in a year, Hotel de Glace situated in Quebec, Canada opens its doors to visitors from around the world looking for a unique experience.

Hotel de Glace is made entirely of snow and ice. Credit: © Luc Rousseau

Jacques Desbois was inspired to create this hotel after reading an article in 1996 about such a kind existing in Sweden. Fascinated and intrigued by the idea, he packed his bags and headed to Jukkasjärvi, Sweden to meet the creators of the structure. There he immersed himself in all the possibilities that could be. When he returned home, Desbois was able to assemble together the right team to execute this mammoth project. In 2001, Hotel de Glace was finally opened to the public. It is the only one of its kind in North America.


Over a million people have visited the hotel since it first opened in 2001. Credit: © Renaud Philippe

Work on the hotel commences in early December for about six weeks. A group of workers and talented sculptors help transform snow into a sight for sore eyes. What can visitors expect to experience at this 45 room structure? Just about everything.

Each room is creatively crafted at the Hotel de Glace for guests to enjoy. Credit: © Renaud Philippe

"Offering a truly one-of-a-kind experience the expanded resort is unique for its wide array of activities all in one place," Cendrine Chénel, Hotel de Glace Media Relations Coordinator revealed.


And that's no exaggeration. There's an ice bar, a grand hall, an ice slide and even a chapel for those looking to have a true winter wedding. These structures are reinvented each year with a new theme. So you'll be sure to see something new, if you choose to visit again.

Many couples have chosen to say 'I do' at this winter wonderland at Hotel de Glace's chapel made of snow. Credit: ©

This year's theme is the circus. "Hotel de Glace is putting on a show under a giant circus tent entirely made out of snow and ice," Chénel explained.


Hotel de Glace offers many fun activities like snow gliding. Credit: ©

Visitors are also offered guided tours and even have the option of staying overnight. Over a million people have experienced what this hotel has to offer since its opening.

So, if you’re looking for a little magic in the snow, there's no place like Hotel de Glace.

Glasses made out of ice at Hotel de Glace. Credit: ©
Glasses made out of ice at Hotel de Glace. Credit: ©

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