A frozen Niagara Falls looks like a magical wonderland

Many braved the cold to experience this beautiful sight.

Breathtaking and magical are just some of the words used to describe the scenes at Canada's Niagara Falls.

An arctic blast has seen temperatures in the country plummet. But for those visiting the falls, the picturesque view is a sight for soar eyes.

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Icicles have formed on walls, rocks and railings that are like stalactites. The icy water descends onto the river in a cloud of mist.

"We came to see the wonders of nature and the beauty of winter, really. The beauty also comes with a lot of cold right now," tourist Kevin McGowan told TV channel WGRZ. Adding, "A lot of people see it in the summer, beautiful, but this is another kind of beauty and we need to enjoy it."

Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada is close to the border with the United States (US). It reportedly attracts close to 14 million visitors annually.

Much of North America is experiencing "extreme cold" conditions this winter. There have even been reports of sharks freezing to death in the Atlantic, due to the harsh weather.

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