Mask Your Hair

The goodness of hair masks penetrates in your hair shaft and nourishes each strand deeply

Summers and the wedding season may be a match made in heaven. However, when you are constantly styling your hair and using different products as you attend functions, step out for work, go shopping, they are exposed to pollution, sunrays and dust.

Look Beyond Conditioning

The heat, the dirt and all products that we use to style our hair can be very damaging and to treat them, we require something more nourishing than just conditioners. Hair masks are the key product to this problem. Dr. Noopur Jain, Founder and Chief Dermatologist, SkinZest explains, “A hair mask is a super-powered conditioner. It works very similar to that as a conditioner but with added benefits, designed to be more intense and more nourishing. They provide extra nourishment to your hair, can provide dramatic results in the shine and strength department. Hair masks can repair dryness and stop your hair from turning frizzy. Additionally, they can prevent further damage.”

Dr. Noopur Jain

Hair masks do make your hair thicker, stronger and stop damage in its tracks, preventing further breakage. Deep conditioning is important year-round. Hair masks rehydrate dry hair.

It is advisable to take care of your hair from the inside, a little tender loving care (TLC) goes a long way especially in the form of oiling and hair masks. Oiling nourishes your roots, pampers your strands and length. From giving them moisture to repairing damage, removing dryness, improving hair texture, and protecting from split ends, there is a mask for everyone of your needs. “Applying an indulgent hair mask once every week can do wonders and you can start noticing the difference within one week. I prefer herbal, Ayurvedic or ingredients from the garden or the kitchen for making a hair mask. You can select the ingredients according to your need, if you are battling dandruff, then a hair mask with yogurt and lemon can be effective. If you want to get a hair mask to tackle with dullness, then go with avocado, castor oil and egg yolk. Hair growth can be boosted with curry leaves, Bhringraj, onion seed oil and yogurt,” says Sujata Sharda, Founder, Mellow Herbals.

Sujata Sharda, Founder, Mellow Herbals.

Do it Yourself

Hair masks are quick, hassle free as compared to oiling your hair. You can make these masks at home or go for ready to use options that use clean ingredients with no added chemicals. Hair masks are like simple, effective spa treatments at home. Sometimes your hair can use a pick-me-up hair masks filled with nourishing ingredients to give your hair the ‘oomph’ factor. Ashith Sashidhar and Divyashree J, Co-founders, Secret Hair Care explain, “To get the best out of these DIY hair masks, use the freshest, most organic ingredients you can find. And do not leave it in for more than the recommended duration lest you reverse the benefits. This DIY below is suitable for all hair types, deep conditioning your scalp and gently cleansing the hair. Mix one tablespoon of coffee with a bowl of yogurt (increase or decrease quantity according to your hair length). Apply and massage gently onto scalp and hair length. Wash off after 30-40 minutes with a mild shampoo.”

Cut the Frizz

The goodness of hair masks penetrates in your hair shaft and nourishes each strand deeply. Hair masks are a great product to rejuvenate hair that has been heat-damaged, and chemically coloured hair. Dr. Manasi Shirolikar, Consultant Dermatologist and Founder of Online Consulting Brand says, “Hair masks reduce the static electricity in the hair shaft and flatten the cuticle scales over the hair shaft, thereby reducing the friction between hair fibers. This in turn controls frizz. Not only that, but hair masks also penetrate deeper into the hair than a conditioner, as they are made of smaller molecules.”

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