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Defying the odds: Woman left paralyzed in freak accident has baby

Published Jul 5, 2017, 8:54 pm IST
Updated Jul 5, 2017, 8:54 pm IST
When doctors told Kirsty Bell she would never be able to have a baby due to the accident, she was left distraught.
Kirsty Bell with her husband Ben. (Photo: Facebook / Kirsty Bell)
 Kirsty Bell with her husband Ben. (Photo: Facebook / Kirsty Bell)

In 2013, a freak accident left Kirsty Bell paralyzed after a 70kg slab of concrete blew from the wall of a shop, hitting her head and neck, and crushing her spine, the Daily Mail reported.

The accident caused Bell, who was only 20-years-old at the time to lose the use of her legs. She was left even more devastated when doctors told her she would not be able to have children. "They said it was no longer possible, I remember sitting in bed for three days crying. I didn’t think Ben would want to be with me" she told FEMAIL.


But soon after the news, a ray of hope shone on the woman from Folkstone, Kent. An expert from the Stoke Mandeville Spinal Injuries Centre contradicted their claim and told her it was possible. Kirsty held on to that hope.

She went on to marry her fiance Ben Bell in a dream wedding in September 2015. Little did she know another dream was about to come true. Bell was shocked to learn she was pregnant a few months after getting married.

Four years, after the accident the woman yearning to be a mother delivered a health baby boy and named him Harry. She revealed that her pregnancy was like any other woman and she gave birth naturally. “The accident was life changing. But it just shows you can actually progress with life, and life doesn’t have to end there,” she told FEMAIL.


However, according to the Baylor College of Medicine, Pregnancy and Delivery, some pregnant women with a disability can encounter some risks.

Here's what they are:

* Higher risk of blood clots for those using a wheelchair
* Issues with skin
*  Existing respiratory issues can make breathing more difficult
*  Risk of infection can lead to miscarriage
*  A brain injury could lead to frequent seizures