6 ways to achieve work-health balance

Experts share tips that can help you to balance your work, mind and body.

New Delhi: Achieving a sense of balance between work life and personal life has now become a challenge in our day-to-day life.

The imbalance or disequilibrium in our life somewhere leads to stress for which your mind and body pay the price.

Employees with work-health balance (WHB) feel their lives are fulfilled both inside and outside of work and they experience minimal conflict between work and non-work roles.

Those who achieve this balance, tend to have higher levels of satisfaction with their jobs and life in general, as well as lower levels of stress and depression. Now, the challenge is to maintain work activity, preserve it in a good quality, and take care of your health.

Dr. Rakesh Pandit, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital, advises some strategies that can help you to balance your work, mind and body.

1. Leave work at workplace

It is always better to leave work at workplace when you finish, no matter however dedicated one is at work. Put official phone e-mails 'on hold' once you're out of workplace. One may be working on an important project, it can wait till next business hours.

2. Plan a family activity

Giving yourself things to look forward to with the off day off or outing on the weekends will help put stress away. This will help in unwinding the pressures of work.

3. Get exercising

Starting a new sport or hobby is a good way of releasing stress. Join a gym; the endorphins will help you stay positive.

4. Take a vacation

Spending quality time with your partner and friends will help you overcome stress.

5.Managing your workload

Trying to multitask will drain you mentally and might result in you being less productive. If your workload is too much and it's spilling over into your personal life, speak to your manager to see if you can delegate work.

6. Do not work long hours

Work smart, not long. Managers ought to set a good example by not working over their contracted hours unless it's really necessary, since it can lead to stress and unproductivity.

There isn't just one solution to a good work-life balance that one should be working towards. Every person is different. It is important that you find a way, which works for you.

"You will never feel fully satisfied with work until you are truly satisfied with life. One should maintain a healthy work-life balance by balancing your duties at work and your personal responsibilities," said Dr. Manish Jain, Consultant, Psychiatry, BLK Super Speciality Hospital.

"A great way to achieve work-life balance is to strive for both a sense of achievement and enjoyment in your job and personal life. You can fulfill your goals, but don't forget to take time off to enjoy at the same time. It's important to learn to organize your time and make sure that you are giving enough time for relaxation and leisurely activities as well as work. It's also crucial to ensure that you take care of yourself by eating healthily, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep," Jain concluded.

( Source : ANI )
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