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Five Misconceptions Regarding the Quality and Authenticity of Olive Pomace Oil

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Published on: June 11, 2023 | Updated on: June 11, 2023
Unlocking the Health Benefits of Olive Pomace Oil: Lower Cholesterol, Weight Management, and Enhanced Immunity. (File Image: DC)

Unlocking the Health Benefits of Olive Pomace Oil: Lower Cholesterol, Weight Management, and Enhanced Immunity. (File Image: DC)

Cooking food has transformed into a multifaceted endeavor encompassing awareness, conscious choices, and scientific knowledge. In this evolving landscape, consumers now seek answers regarding the origins, ingredients, and production processes of their meals. Olive oil, a vital component, presents a range of options including extra-virgin olive oil, with its cold-pressed purity and suitability for raw consumption, whereas olive pomace oil - extracted from the pulp of olives, provides stability at high temperatures.

Unfortunately, the abundance of information sources has led to confusion, with many mistakenly viewing olive pomace oil negatively. However, the crux lies in understanding that these two oils serve very different purposes, which brings forth the importance of highlighting their respective use cases. While extra-virgin olive oil shines in raw and low-heat applications, olive pomace oil excels in high-temperature cooking methods. By identifying their distinct use cases, consumers can confidently select the appropriate oil for their culinary endeavors, enhancing both the flavor and health benefits of their meals.

Let’s address a few popular misconceptions about olive pomace oil:

1. Olive Pomace oil is questionably healthy

Olive pomace oil is undoubtedly a healthy option when consumed in moderation. It is essential to prioritize our well-being by focusing on fitness, proper nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. A significant aspect of this is choosing the right cooking oil. Opting for an oil that contains necessary fats, is cholesterol-free, helps manage weight , and boosts heart health is crucial. Olive pomace oil, with its high monounsaturated fat content of around 80 per cent, can potentially lower cholesterol levels. These healthy fats, similar to those found in olive oil, avocados, and certain nuts, provide numerous benefits for weight management. Additionally, when enriched with vitamins A, D, E, K - olive pomace oil offers extra advantages such as enhanced immunity, speedy repair of tissues, strengthened bone density and overall health.

2. Olive Pomace oil is unsuitable to use on high heat

It is a well-established fact that extra virgin olive oil is not designed for high-heat cooking, as its low heat tolerance can lead to nutrient loss. However, when it comes to olive pomace oil, things are different. With its high smoke point which enables it to withstand high temperatures without sacrificing its nutritional content, olive pomace oil proves to be an ideal option for various cooking purposes. So, if you're looking for an oil that can handle the heat while retaining its valuable nutrients, olive pomace oil is the perfect choice.

3. Olive pomace oil has an odd taste

Extra virgin olive oil is celebrated for its distinct aroma and flavor profile, imparting a delightful taste to dishes. In contrast, olive pomace oil presents a more neutral taste, making it an excellent option for those seeking a cooking oil that won't overpower the flavors of their culinary creations. However, what truly sets olive pomace oil apart is its exceptional health benefits. Packed with nutrients and healthier than many alternative oils, it provides a nourishing and wholesome addition to your cooking repertoire.

4. Olive Pomace oil is inferior in quality to other cooking oils

Olive pomace oil presents itself as a superb alternative to conventional cooking oils. Its neutral flavor profile lends versatility to various culinary preparations. Moreover, this oil is enriched with antioxidants, offering potential health benefits, including the maintenance of healthy skin and hair.

5. Olive Pomace oil is equally ineffective in weight management as other cooking oils

In today's pursuit of weight loss and maintaining a low-calorie diet, selecting a healthier oil becomes key. Using small quantities of olive pomace oil is ideal as it spreads evenly while cooking and to top that, it has low oil absorption - both of which make it a preferable option for healthy weight management.


Therefore, olive pomace oil stands out as an excellent accompaniment for Indian cuisine. With its lightweight consistency, neutral taste & flavor, it harmoniously complements the extensive array of regional and traditional Indian culinary delights. Irrespective of the rich diversity within Indian cuisine, Olive pomace oil offers versatility that makes it suitable for all styles of Indian cooking, delivering an exceptional experience.

By- Akshay Modi, Jt. Managing Director, Modi Naturals Ltd

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