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Shocked; never accused Dileep, says actress who was assaulted

Published Jul 13, 2017, 7:25 pm IST
Updated Jul 13, 2017, 7:35 pm IST
On Thursday, cops took Dileep to three places in Thrissur - two hotels and a sports academy.
 On Thursday, cops took Dileep to three places in Thrissur - two hotels and a sports academy.

Thiruvanathapuram: The Keral actress who was abducted and molested by unidentified men when she was returning home from a shoot this February, denied reports of her involvement in real estate and other financial partnerships with actor Dileep who was arrested on conspiracy charges.

“If the person is alleging that he has been trapped in a false case, I hope the truth will come out soon. If this person has done wrong, or if this person is innocent, either ways, the truth should be revealed soon,” she said in a statement.

The actress released a statement because she is "not in a frame of mind" to speak to media.

She also said that she has not named anyone in the case out of “personal enmity” and was rather shocked by Dileep’s arrest. In a statement which was released on Thursday, she revealed that she has not accused him in the case.

“I have not tried to make anyone an accused because of personal enmity or anything else. I have not informed anyone of any name specifically,” the actress said, further admitting to having had some personal problems with him.

“It's true that we've had some personal problems and we moved away from our friendship,” she added.

Ending the suspense over the conspiracy behind the abduction and sexual assault of a female actor in February, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) on Monday arrested prominent Malayalam actor Dileep on the basis of new evidence which revealed his doling out a “quotation” to key accused Pulsar Suni following fallout with the actress over family-related issues.

Police is investigating the allegations made on Dileep that he offered a man Rs 1.5 crore to attack the actress and wanted the assault recorded on video and nude photographs clicked.

The actor bore grudge against the actress, as she revealed his affair with Kavya Madhavan to Dileep’s ex-wife Manju Warrior, which led to them falling apart.

However, Dileep denied the police's allegation that he blamed the actress for his divorce. The actor was sent to jail for 14 days and is now in the custody of the police for two days as they take him places where the conspiracy to attack the actress was allegedly hatched to collect evidence.

The police could also summon others from the film industry for questioning.

On Thursday, cops took him to three places in Thrissur - two hotels and a sports academy. At each place, the superstar had to face an angry crowd that shouted slogans against him.



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