Scary warning issued for 1.4 billion Apple iOS users

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A forensics company has told users that it has found a way to break into any iPhone or iPad running any version of iOS.

Cellbrite can perform a “full file system extraction on any iOS device".

Apple is expected to launch its latest handsets at the iPhone 11 event that’s due to take place in September. At the launch, there are expected to be three new handsets that will make its debut — iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone 11R. Kindly note these names aren’t official and more will be known at the time of the official unveiling. Apple has done well in recent times with virtually bug-free iOS releases and with the latest iOS 13, the brand will announce new iPhone features that will make the iPhone experience all the better. However, this latest bit of information may come as a blow to not just Apple but Apple users as well.

An Israeli forensic company called Cellbrite has informed users that it has found a way to bypass any iPhone or iPad running any version of iOS which also includes Apple’s latest release. Recently Apple CEO, Tim Cook claimed that there are 1.4 billion active iOS devices which causes grave concern for all those involved considering Apple’s iPhone had been touted as a very secure device.

A report by AppleInsider states that Cellbrite can perform a “full file system extraction on any iOS device" and they have put this service on sale. Cellbrite happens to be the company that the FBI enlisted in 2016 to crack the iPhone 5c that belonged to the San Bernadino killer; which makes the company all the more credible.

Cellbrite states that its tools require an individual to physically have the iOS in their possession in order for it to work as it can’t be done remotely. Also, the company claims that they do an extensive background check to determine the entitlement of anyone who wants to crack a device. With that being said, Cellbrite’s software was easily available on eBay for as low as USD 100 making it easy for hackers to exploit anyone’s iOS device, a report by Forbes states.

The report goes on to add, “In addition to this, the obvious point to make is that a backdoor to iPhones and iPads has clearly been found and - given its vulnerability across every version of iOS - it is not one Apple either knows about or knows how to prevent. With iOS 13 about to cut off support for millions of iPhones (one of which is still on sale), for many, it may be a vulnerability that never gets fixed.”

Over the past few years, Apple has used its security as one of its key selling points over its Android rivals; however, the Cupertino-based brand needs to step up its game by finding and shutting down this loophole before it spreads further.