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Solemnity, Somberness Mark Ashura

DECCAN CHRONICLE | Sanjay Samuel Paul and Khalid Ahmed

Published on: July 29, 2023 | Updated on: July 29, 2023

People visit the Bibi ka Alawa on the ninth day of Muharram to offer prayers in the Old City, Hyderabad on Friday. (Image: P.Surendra)

Hyderabad: Youm-e-Ashura, the tenth day of Muharram, was marked with a great sense of solemnity, somberness in city on Saturday to pay homage to Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, who was martyred in Karbala in 7th century.

tenth day of Muharram

 Ashoorkhanas across the city were filled with devout Shias engaging in mourning and reciting marsiyas (elegies) to honour the memory of the martyrs of Karbala, now in Iraq. A significant event was the Bibi Ka Alam procession, which commenced from Biwi ka Alawa in Dabeerpura and culminated at Chaderghat. The sacred Bibi Ka Alam, carried on the back of an elephant named Madhuri, is believed to hold a piece of wooden plank used during the final ablution of Bibi Fatima Zehra, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad. The procession made its way through Yakutpura, Alijah Kotla, Charminar, Gulzar Houz, Mir Alam Mandi, and Darulshifa. Leaders and police officials along the route paid their respects by offering dhattis.

Among the participants was Sajida Khan, a resident of Moula Ali, who visited the Old City with her family to offer prayers at an ashoorkhana. She expressed her gratitude for answered prayers by offering dry coconuts and flowers, a symbolic gesture of devotion.

Ali Raza, a member of the Sardar Markazi Serate Zehra committee, commended the well-organized arrangements for the event. He praised the efforts of police personnel and volunteers who ensured the smooth progression of the procession. Thousands of faithful individuals, irrespective of their religion, took part in the procession, demonstrating unity.


City police commissioner C.V. Anand and senior officials Vikram Singh Mann, G. Sudheer Babu and Vishwaprasad offered "dhatti" to the Bibi Ka Alam at Charminar, continuing a centuries-old tradition where the kotwal, the police chief, welcomes the procession and offers his obeisance.

The procession passed off peacefully amid tight security cover and traffic arrangements. Over 1,000 police personnel guarded the procession, said Anand who monitored the procession with senior officers.