Fernandez Foundation Celebrates International Day of the Midwife

Update: 2024-05-04 11:17 GMT
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Fernandez Foundation Celebrates International Day of the Midwife

The foundation was the first organization to introduce the midwifery concept to the Telugu states back in 2017.
Hyderabad: Fernandez Foundation proudly marked the International Day of the Midwife with celebratory events held at Fernandez Stork Home (Banjara Hills) and Fernandez Hospital (Bogulkunta) today. The Foundation, a pioneer in introducing midwifery to the Telugu states since 2017, hosted senior consultants from Fernandez Hospital, alongside parents, healthcare professionals, and seasoned midwives.
The centerpiece of the celebration was the captivating 'Tree of Life,' symbolising growth, connection, and nurturing—a fitting tribute to the ethos of midwifery. Attendees were treated to a special Midwifery Open House, offering an exclusive glimpse into the world of midwifery-led natural births. Experienced midwives guided expectant mothers through a comprehensive overview of midwifery care, providing insights into the tools, practices, and philosophies that shape a positive birth experience.
Pregnant mothers had the opportunity to explore exercises tailored to nurture their body and spirit, fostering a blissful birth journey. Interactive sessions facilitated direct engagement with experienced midwives, who shared their expertise on natural birthing methods. Attendees also experienced relaxation techniques such as Aromatherapy and Water birth, aimed at alleviating labor pains.
Speaking on the occasion Dr Evita Fernandez, Chairperson and Managing Director of Fernandez Foundation said that “I dream of a world where every pregnant woman will be able to access a midwife, and only if required will see an obstetrician or other specialists depending on her situation.”
“When obstetricians and professional midwives work together, collaboratively, they can support better outcomes and ensure a positive birthing experience for women”, addedDrTarakeswari S, Chief Medical Director, Fernandez Hospital.
Inderjeet Kaur, Director of Midwifery Services said that “Midwifery-led care aims to provide constant emotional and psychological support to women during and even after childbirth. Midwives create an environment of empowerment and knowledge for women to labour and birth with confidence. Midwifery care supports women with their birth choices, thus ensuring the experience is joyous and positive.”
The event included interactive sessions highlighting the holistic approach to childbirth and the pivotal role of midwifery in promoting natural and enjoyable births. Educational workshops were also conducted, focusing on effective birthing exercises, various birth positions, and the formulation of personalized birthing plans.


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