Attack on medics in Karnataka: 3 years jail with 50K fine

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Government rolls out Karnataka Epidemic Diseases Ordinance after the Padarayanapura incident

Police personnel conduct a march in areas of Padarayanapura in Bengaluru. (Photo: B Satish)

Bengaluru:  The Karnataka government has issued an ordinance that stipulates three years imprisonment and Rs. 50,000 fine for people who attacks health staff trying to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

After the Padarayanapura incident in which miscreants attacked medics and vandalized public property in Bengaluru, the state government has decided to bring about an ordinance, and governor Vajubhai Vala has given assent to the same on Wednesday.

Two days back, the Karnataka Epidemic Diseases Ordinance was issued by the state government and the same has been sent to the Governor’s approval.

According to the Ordinance, persons who damaged the public or private properties or provoke such an act will be punished with imprisonment of six months to three years and fine of Rs. 50,000

Ordinance also empowered the law enforcing authority to recover twice the amount of damage caused to public or private properties by the miscreants. Ordinance also gives the power to law enforcing authority to confiscate miscreants properties if they have failed to pay the damages caused to public properties.

Offences are cognizable, accused can avail the bail in the court of law if he or she is involved in vandalizing public properties. After much criticism from the public after the Padarayanapura incident, BSY government has decided to go tough on miscreants and those who not cooperating with law enforcing authority.

The ordinance is to come into immediate effect, from tomorrow onwards if any miscreants involved in violence or vandalize the public properties or trying to attack corona warriors, they will be booked under provisions of Ordinance.