More private-run hospitals offering COVID-19 treatment than government hospitals

Deccan Chronicle.  | Balu Pulipaka

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There are now 203 such hospitals extending services to coronavirus victims

COVID-19 crisis hits India. (PTI)

HYDERABAD: The number of private and corporate-run hospitals offering COVID-19 treatment has crossed 200 in Telangana, with the State Health Department saying there are now 203 such hospitals extending services to coronavirus victims.

This means there are five times more private hospitals offering COVID-19 care than government hospitals, whose number has remained static at 42.
More private hospitals are now being allowed to treat coronavirus despite complaints that they are fleecing patients and their families by overcharging them.

Many private hospitals are being accused of excessive billing, which is continuing unabated, though the government has withdrawn COVID-19 care permission to two large hospitals for not adhering to government-fixed rates and violating COVID-19 treatment protocols.

Under pressure from public and opposition parties, the government has on September 9 set up a three-member task force – comprising IAS officers Rahul Bojja, Sarfaraz Ahmed, and D. Divya, to oversee treatment of Covid-19 patients in private hospitals, following of safety protocols by them and whether they are adhering to the ceiling fixed by government on charging patients.

Meanwhile, with additions to the list of private hospitals treating COVID-19 patients, the bed strength at these facilities has increased to 10,660 as on Sunday, according to data released by the State Health Department on Monday. The number of beds previously available at the 199 private hospitals providing coronavirus treatment was 10,443.

The 42 government hospitals providing COVID-19 care have bed strength of 8,092. A total of 4,248 patients have been admitted to private hospitals as per the latest data released by state health department, compared to 2,645 admissions in government hospitals.